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12 Eco-friendly giveaway ideas for your next exhibition

Whilst giveaways and merchandise are still an ever-popular tool for engaging with your audience at exhibitions and events, we’re all becoming a lot more mindful of the impact that these giveaways can have on the environment if not well considered. Increasingly more and more businesses are now keen to stay away from ‘gimmicky’ style giveaways […]

B2C vs B2B: Marketing Ideas for Events

The key to a great marketing strategy is understanding the needs of your target audience. When it comes to B2C vs B2B marketing, businesses are aiming to capture the attention of two very different audiences: consumers vs other businesses, and therefore need to adopt different approaches to succeed. In this blog, we’ll discuss the main […]

20+ Exhibition Stand Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

Need help choosing an exhibition stand and have no idea where to start? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got the ultimate list of exhibition ideas packed in this helpful guide. Learn from our many years of experience designing powerful, high impact exhibition stands.

What Is Event Management?

Event management involves applying project management techniques to set-up, plan and execute events such as conferences, festivals and weddings. What is event management? At its core, event management is the process of planning an event. It involves the application of project management techniques to the creation and development of conferences, festivals, conventions, weddings and other […]

Top 5 games to use at your next exhibition

Exhibition games are a great way to boost interest and attract visitors to your stand. They give potential clients an opportunity to really interact with your brand, and raising the level of engagement, can really help you collect valuable data for marketing purposes. There are numerous types of games that exhibitors can use to engage […]

Does Your Exhibition Stand Really Matter?

With digital convenience and online retail capabilities, many marketers don’t recognise the value of personal interactions in the digital age. But there’s a reason every major city has a convention centre. Even as we advance through the digital age, exhibitions will continue to be widely popular, they are a powerful tool that allows us to […]

Top 10 Tips: Brand Design for your Stand

Exhibition space design needs careful consideration as this has a great impact on how visitors perceive your brand. In this post, we’ll explain the importance of exhibition stands and their design and then provide tips on how to design an exhibition space that will put your company on the map. Importance of Exhibition Space Design The […]

Exhibition Planning Timeline: Plan Your Exhibition to Success

When it comes to exhibiting at any trade show, exhibition or corporate event, smart companies will start to plan an exhibition timeline long before the event. By planning ahead, you can ensure a successful outcome, and of course, optimise your trade show budget and objectives. 12 months before the event Plan Strategy is Key 9 […]

From Visitor to Customer: 7 Strategies for Exhibition Success

At at exhibition, visitors are constantly bombarded with colours, lights, sales talks and giveaways. It is up to you and your team to make sure your exhibition stand doesn’t get lost in the crowd. Today, our time at exhibitions and trade shows is being used more carefully than ever before. When exhibiting, you are not […]