Exhibition games are a great way to boost interest and attract visitors to your stand. They give potential clients an opportunity to really interact with your brand, and raising the level of engagement. This can really help you collect valuable data for marketing purposes.

There are numerous types of games that exhibitors can use to engage attendees. Choose based on what your visitors might really enjoy, based on your target audience.

Here are some games you can incorporate into your marketing strategy to shake things up and generate more quality leads:

1. Social Media Games

In today’s digital world, all exhibitors should leverage social media to promote their stand and increase engagement and lead generation.

Social media competitions are an extremely effective and a key promotional tool to attract attendees to your stand and boost your social media presence. They also provide a perfect opportunity for you to connect with your audience online after the show.

One way to engage your audience at an event is to host a social media photo contests. Ask attendees to take selfies at your stand and post them with a specific hashtag on their social media for a chance to win a prize. You can even create a dedicated selfie area! Also, offering an targeted incentive of a prize attracts more people to your exhibition stand. Make the prize something people will desire, and the results will grow!

Consider a live social media wall to display all entries in real time and encourage others to take part too! Most importantly, it also provides a connection between you and prospective viewers through promoting user generated content.

2. VR/AR Games

Virtual and Augmented reality helps you enhance attendees’ experience, creating an essence of story telling rather to differentiate your stand from others. Hence, your brand can become more memorable to individuals, enhancing the quality of leads.

With VR games constantly being released and hundreds of different themes to choose from, you can take them anywhere in the world! Find a game that best fits your target audience, otherwise create your very own game based on your brand, product and exhibiting theme.

Create an AR pirate treasure hunt or an Easter egg hunt. You can hide animated clues on your stand that can be revealed when scanned with an iPad. Use augmented graphics to direct visitors into a hidden treasure room. Or create a centrally located augmented piece that will lead them to a prize or a giveaway. Hence, the possibilities are endless!

3. Puzzle Games

Interactive puzzle and trivia games are always a hit with attendees. It encourages them to challenge their skills and show off their knowledge. Not all puzzle games have to take place on your actual exhibition stand. Hide questions or pieces around the show and ask attendees to put them together. Whoever gets all questions right or collects all puzzle pieces wins a prize that can be collected on your stand. Most importantly, people will get really into it if they know there’s something in it for them.

4. Cyclone Games

The element of chance and skill in this game can provide a lot of fun and entertainment for your audience. This interactive challenge can be played in a number of ways making it unique to your brand; collect as many balls as possible in 10 seconds, catch the ‘golden’ ball for instant wins, catch vouchers or clues for bigger prizes to name a few. Add a Top Gear style leader board to your game to increase engagement and create that emotional connection with your brand, because who doesn’t want to be at the top of a high-score board or win a cool prize for coming first?

You can also customise the game with your colours and logos to match your marketing objective and stand theme and it can be used in a variety of setting including exhibitions, conferences, shopping centres and corporate events.

Fun Fact: A version of a cyclone game appeared on the hit BBC show Dragon’s Den in 2011 successfully securing a £50,000 investment from Hilary Devey.

5. Wheel of Fortune Games

Everyone loves a prize wheel – It is eye-catching, well-known and popular with attendees. Wheel of fortune games engage visitors long enough for you to start a conversation and get them interested in your business. A great advantage of prize wheels is that everyone can be a winner. Offer one or two big prizes, some medium level prizes and lots of small value prizes. Through this, everyone can win and walk away from your stand with something to remember your by. Additionally, if your exhibition stand space is limited, opt in for a virtual prize wheel that can be displayed on one of your screens or a tablet. Not only it saves on space, but it also gives you a great prize inventory management, custom distribution of prize levels and lead capture forms for easy after show follow up.

Need some help?

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