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Digital Engagement

We create unforgettable brand experiences where people are submerged in your brand

With virtual experiences expected to generate up to $5 trillion in value by 2030, we can help your navigate this new frontier of customer engagement. Businesses that move early will capitalise on growing demand rather than playing catch-up once it is more established.

We leverage data, technology and storytelling for purpose driven results, working with businesses to help them realise an alternative reality vision with best-in-class creative studios and ground-breaking production services.

Whether you’re looking to explore AR/ VR solutions, motion tracking or 360° virtual experiences, our digital solutions allow audiences to interact with your brand in a new and exciting way. Showcase products and services or create a virtual world. Nothing is too extreme…

Interactive Virtual Reality

Unlock boundless possibilities with Virtual Reality (VR). It’s not just a technology; it’s a portal to unparalleled adventures and experiences. Imagine being so utterly absorbed in your virtual world that reality fades away – that’s the magic of “presence” that VR brings.

Our expertise can craft immersive realms ranging from real-world captured VR films to fully 3D-rendered interactive worlds, or a fusion of both. With spatialised audio, we catapult you far beyond the confines of flat screens, exceeding the limits of what VR could do just a few years ago.

Augmented Reality Production

Augmented Reality (AR) is like a magic portal that seamlessly blends the digital realm with your everyday surroundings. Unlike Virtual Reality, AR takes your reality and sprinkles it with a dash of digital enchantment.

Chances are, you’ve already dipped your toes into this captivating tech without even realising it! Think about those playful animated emojis on Snapchat that dance across your selfies, or the exhilarating quest to catch virtual creatures in Pokémon Go.

Immersive 360° Experiences

Prepare to captivate your audience like never before with the mesmerising power of 360° video. It’s the ultimate immersion tool, whisking viewers away to the heart of your story, whether it’s a real-world adventure or a bespoke wonderland.

Embrace the spotlight on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, where 360° content shines, potentially reaching millions of eager eyes. Don’t just tell your story – let your audience step right into it!

Our 360 services enable brands to tell stories, engage global audiences, sell remotely and amplify launches and events.

How We Work

1. Consultation

We’ll dive into your dreams and goals, shaping your vision using cutting-edge digital engagement tools. In a world where tech meets exhibitions, we’ll debunk myths and offer crystal-clear insights, ensuring your project shines bright with innovation and honesty.

2. Define Product Scope & Prototyping

Next, we dive into crafting a comprehensive product scope. This entails a meticulous breakdown of your project, specifying its features, timelines, and costs. After mutual agreement, we embark on crafting the initial version of your product, setting the wheels in motion for its development.

3. Production Evaluation & Amendments

During the prototyping phase, we’ll provide you with periodic product builds for your review and input. This ensures prompt issue identification and facilitates necessary adjustments. The duration varies based on project size, but typically spans 4-6 weeks.

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