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Create a digital experience your customers actually want to be part of.

Be it from the comfort of your own home or an experience in real life (remember those?) we have all had digitally enabled experiences that have left a memorable mark on us long after they happened. It’s likely you were provoked to tell friends, family or anyone who’ll listen about it, and ta-dah – you’ve become a brand advocate overnight. But what is it about that experience and its connection to the company that really just, worked?

We pride ourselves on helping brands use digital engagement in a strategic and innovative way to convert potential and existing customers into fans. We carefully craft unforgettable moments that feel fully aligned to your company and its values, creating a positive feeling that then becomes synonymous with your brand.

So whether you’re tackling a small brand touchpoint or the launch of something major, all you need to do is share your brief with us and we’ll select the very best methods of engagement for your audience and budget.

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Bayer VR Experience

With age comes experience.

At the ripe old age of nearly two decades, it’s fair to say we’ve curated all manner of digital engagement in our time. 

Our experience is broad yet unique, with the common denominator of all our projects being our ability to create captivating experiences that meet the demands of even the most specific of briefs.

We’ve created performance simulators that provide real life interactive crowds to help trained musicians overcome stage fright. We’ve designed innovative tech enabled window displays to help launch one of the biggest trainers of the year. We’ve even created VR experiences that enable radiologists to learn complex new machinery without leaving their homes.

So however niche, wild or simple your concept, it’s safe in our hands.

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“The reaction from colleagues has been hugely positive. Not just in the UK, but further afield. It’s rare that a “selling aid” is met with universal praise. Most importantly, Centargo VR has changed the way we interact with our customers. Interactions with customers are longer. 15-30 minute meetings are now lasting 1-2 hours as news spreads of a fun new gadget on display in the education room.”

Geraint Davies, Project Lead


Just Eat Tech Event

Let’s explore the opportunities digital engagement can bring your brand today.

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