With digital convenience and online retail capabilities, many marketers don’t recognise the value of personal interactions in the digital age. But there’s a reason every major city has a convention centre. Even as we advance through the digital age, exhibitions will continue to be widely popular, they are a powerful tool that allows us to take the business experience to the next level. Your exhibition stand is much more than just a space to stand in and greet potential customers, it’s an interactive setup where your clients and prospects can truly get to know your business, products and team.

Here are six reasons why building brands with exhibition stands matters:

1. It defines your brand

Exhibition stands really define who you are as a company. When attending a show, visitors see hundreds of businesses, each providing a basic idea of their unique selling points. Participating in an exhibition ensures your company is part of the event buzz and can help you uncover hot leads that might otherwise be missed. No matter what events you’re planning to attend, you have to ensure your stand design reflects the values, ethos and products of your company and effectively beats the noise your competitors create.

2. It lets you interact with your audience

Exhibitions are great for networking and interacting with key audiences face-to-face. Your exhibition stand gives your team the unique ability to meet prospects and build valuable relationships. It’s a great place to forge new business opportunities and maintain good relationships with your existing clients. Nothing can form a stronger business relationship than a warm handshake and an engaging and meaningful conversation. Exhibition stands are also perfect for holding one-to-one meetings, talks and demonstrations that will help you capture quality leads and hopefully result in long-lasting and profitable relationships.

3. It sells products

Exhibition stands are perfect for showcasing products or services to your target audience. They allow you to show and tell everyone what your product does and the benefits it offers. To have a successful event, make sure your graphics are consistent with your branding and align with your show objectives. Plan your exhibition stand design from attendees’ perspective and try to anticipate what questions they may ask about your products.

4. It emphasises your unique selling points

A good exhibition stand should tell potential customers who your company is and what products or services you provide, but most importantly, it should emphasise the unique benefits your business has to offer. Exhibition stands provide a great opportunity to tell your audience why they should choose your company over the competition. This can be communicated through giveaways you offer, interactive technology, quizzes and, of course, carefully designed graphics. Whether your unique selling point is affordability, quality or something else, make sure that your display and on-stand activities clearly communicate this.

5. It helps launch new products

Exhibition stands give you an excellent platform to launch new products or offer special deals. There is no better place to create an excitement about the latest your company has to offer than an event. You can host demonstrations and let your visitors experience your new product first hand. Live demos will help you attract more stand visitors. Hand out free samples and leaflets, include product display shelfs and informative graphics to fully utilise your exhibition stand and promote any exciting products. Your stand should serve as a discovery place where attendees can learn more about your brand.

6. It takes your message all over the world

Face-to-face marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools available and will never become outdated. It builds confidence and trust between you and your potential customer and provides significant business benefits. Industry-specific events displays help you expand your customer base and gain international exposure. They allow your company to take the message of your brand to a number of different locations. Modular stands and pop-up exhibition stands can be easily transported and used multiple times, allowing you to deliver an impressive stand every time you exhibit. Components of modular exhibition stands can be cleverly designed to slot together to fit different floor spaces and match different venue restrictions. You can also choose to hire your exhibition stand. Good stand constructor will be able to store your reusable stand until it’s time for your next event.

Here at Skyline Whitespace, we understand the importance of exhibition success. We offer all our clients a service that allows them to make the most of your events and exhibitions. For more information about our range of products and services please don’t hesitate to contact us today.