MIT states that our brains can process an image in as quick as 13 milliseconds. The power of visuals is undoubtable. Graphics and visuals provide more engagement and attention over text, create a more intense emotional connection with the viewer, and can tell a story more effectively.

What does this mean for your stand? On your exhibition stand, graphics and visuals have a great influence on your brand’s perception, effective in raising brand awareness, conveying your brand personality and effective storytelling. 

Visuals have the power to make or break your exhibition stand presence; it can either intrigue individuals to show further interest in your stand or can ultimately damage your brand equity, a crucial aspect that your audience, as exhibition stand designers, exhibitors, and marketing teams, play a significant role in maintaining if the quality is poor and doesn’t represent the ideals of your brand. 

Using images communicates at a much larger scale, as people commonly process images faster than words. It creates a catalyst of remembrance for visitors. The small details really do matter. Here are 8  pointers to keep in mind when planning graphic designs. 

1. Use your brand

Align your graphic art to reflect your brand identity, including its ethos and values. Keep the visual elements consistent for more effective storytelling. Have your brand guidelines to hand when sharing your expectations with your design team. 

2. Messaging

Create clear, concise messaging the benefits or reasons as to why visitors should care. Do not overwhelm your audience, get creative with your messaging! Deliver your key messages properly to maximise impact. Typically, less is more when creating graphics.   

3. Who is Your Consumer Persona?

Having an idea of who your ideal visitor is can enhance your messaging by, in essence, speaking to them. A generalised profile can enhance communication and connection with your brand – it also keeps your team aligned with the type of messaging the brand needs.

4. Tier your messaging

Strategically elevate your corporate brand to catch attendees’ eyes, making it the focal point of your exhibit. Position product messaging just below, followed by detailed, show-specific information at eye level. Keep in mind that attendees may obstruct lower graphics, so prioritise placement at eye level or higher for maximum visibility.

5. Reflect the quality of leads in your materials

Choose high-quality materials and printing for professional, durable graphics. Confirm machinery and staff expertise for optimal results. Print all graphics at one location for consistent colour. Inspect installed graphics for imperfections such as creases or damage to the fabric. 

6. Remember Digital

Incorporate LED screens to add dynamism to your exhibit. Digital touch-points offer enhanced engagement through video and touchscreens, while also providing valuable measurement insights.

7. Track Engagement

Beyond digital, leverage anonymous motion-tracking technology to gauge attendee interaction. Measure viewing time on graphics and overall booth dwell time to refine your exhibiting strategy

8. Triple Check

Implement the ‘Three Sets of Eyes’ Rule to ensure the accuracy and quality of your exhibit materials. Align visuals with your brand identity, incorporate storytelling elements, and evoke emotions to deepen the connection with your audience. Pair these strategies with top-notch materials, printing, and clear messaging for maximum impact in your exhibiting efforts.

Final Thoughts

Graphics are not secondary in importance within your exhibition space, they personify your brand and its identity. It allows you to tell your story and evoke the right emotions among your attendees, cultivating the beginning of a deep connection between you and your target audience. Utilising these tips within your design can help you make the most out of your exhibition experience. And can remind you to pay attention to the overlooked, mundane elements within your design. 

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