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Why Stand Hire is a Viable Option for Exhibitors

Exhibition stand hire is a favourable choice for many companies. It can be especially beneficial for new and international exhibitors and is a perfect option for businesses that often change their marketing messages, want to duplicate their stand for overlapping events or simply need flexibility. Here are four reasons exhibition stand hire may be right for you:


It gives you the ability to use trial and error

If you’re an inexperienced exhibitor, exhibition stand hire is often the best solution for you. Your first trade show will give you a better understanding of what you’re looking for in terms of stand size, display systems, additional components and storage space. You’ll learn a lot about what works for your brand and products. You will also get an opportunity to check out your competition and get inspiration from other exhibitors’ booths. Renting your first stand gives you an opportunity to test the market and make an even bigger impact at your next show. For increased convenience, Skyline Whitespace offers a free concept and proposal that will help you make the most out of your space.



It allows you to be flexible

Exhibition stand hire gives you ultimate flexibility. It means you can modify the look and size of your stand as often as you want, making sure it always fits into your marketing efforts, exhibiting space and show requirements. It’s also great for exhibitors that already own a stand, and just want to add new components to it. Hiring gives great flexibility in terms of creativity. Many exhibitors choose to be more daring with their design, knowing the stand can be easily changed next time they’re exhibiting.
exhibition stand-hire is flexible


It helps you save money and time

You don’t have to worry about shipping and storage of your stand. This is convenient especially for international exhibitors. Renting is great when you want to have a presence at shows and generate new leads, but you’re unsure about the investment or purchasing is simply not an option for your company. If you’re renting locally, the turnaround of your exhibition stand will be much quicker and will allow for efficient communication with your supplier. However, if you attend three, four or more shows a year and you want to re-use the same stand over a long period of time, purchasing will be much more cost effective.

Why Stand Hire is a Viable Option for Exhibitors

It provides convenience…

…which is very important when it comes to exhibiting. Many hire solutions are designed for either do-it yourself or professional installation. Portable displays, for example, are very easy to transport and take only few minutes to set up, giving you more time to prep your staff for the show and to network with potential customers. You can choose a stand that you can set up yourself or let your stand supplier handle the installing. Skyline Whitespace offers install and dismantle service that will ensure your exhibiting experience is stress-free.


Here at Skyline Whitespace, we provide a range of affordable options to help you get more from your budget. Regardless of whether you choose to rent or purchase, you’ll get the same support and advice from our dedicated team! For more information on rental solutions and to see more examples visit our Exhibition Stand Hire page, or get in touch with our team today.