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Trade Shows and the Toy Industry: Spotlight

Previously, we have shown you the essential rules to follow when marketing at an exhibition. However, there are an even more finite set of guidelines that need to be followed when marketing in certain industries. One industry where this is the case is the toy industry.




The toy industry is one of the most competitive out there, with Mattel alone turning over more than $7 billion in 2012. The target audience in this industry is somewhat complex in that it has to appeal to both adults and children. Businesses must feature products in a way that makes children want to own them, and makes parents want to buy them for their children.


The best examples of marketing in the toy industry are those that use exhibition displays effectively. They must be bright, colourful and attractive, making their target audience clear. Products must be displayed effectively, in a way that is clear and fun, but also safe and professional.



As the industry becomes more and more competitive, the pressure on toy companies to become more and more innovative in the way they market themselves at trade shows and exhibitions is immense. These companies, large or small, must stand out from their competitors and take advantage of the opportunity to get as much attention for their brand as possible from both buyers and consumers.

Standing Out

Toy companies use a variety of strategies when marketing at an exhibition or trade show, making use of innovative and dynamic displays such as pop up exhibition stands and attracting interest around their brand. Known brands must be easily recognisable, while smaller brands must ensure that, by the end of the exhibition, they are a known brand.


There are comprehensive rules when it comes to marketing your brand effectively at a trade show or exhibition, but there are also certain demands that are dependent on your brand. If you need assistance in marketing your brand at an exhibition or trade show, Skyline Whitespace can help you with all your exhibition design and installation needs. Contact us today or email getintouch@skylinewhitespace.com.