A Trade Show Survival Guide

If you’re planning an event, whether for now or for the New Year, it’s certain you’ll be aware of the level of time-management, organisation and clever planning that’s required in order to make it a success.


With so much to think about, it can often be hard to know where to start, or how to figure out the essentials, such as budget, travel, and accommodation – leaving you feeling unsure of a plan, or how to devise one. But don’t worry! Here at Skyline Whitespace, we understand the importance of quality planning and quality exhibition stands, so here is our simple survival guide to help you exhibit to success!

Step one: Start early

You can never be too ahead of the game when it comes to planning big events, so always start in advance to avoid last-minute mistakes and the dreaded event-panic!

This stage is a great time to be designing those invitations, and sending them out around 6 months before to give your clients plenty of time to plan their visit! Don’t forget to start designing your stand too, and make sure you communicate well with your designer to avoid any disappointment!

Step two: Don’t panic over the small stuff!

As the stress levels mount, don’t forget to take a minute to sit and chill! While step one is all about planning, step two is about remembering the basics and aiming for success, without getting too hung up on the small things that may go wrong along the way.

Try to always ready yourself for the unexpected, and chances are you’ll be calmer, better prepared and ready to face whatever the big day may throw at you!

Step three: Don’t forget to eat!

Event days and exhibition shows mean only one thing: long hours and very little ‘me-time’, so make sure you pack lots of snacks and energy foods to keep you feeling energised! Feeling tired or lethargic won’t come across well to future customers or clients, so make sure you arm yourself and your team with fresh fruit, cereal bars and easy snack foods!

Don’t forget to eat a decent meal each evening after the show, too!

Step four: Schedule breaks, regularly!

Sure, exhibition days are long, stressful and you won’t get much time to relax – but always schedule at least a few regular breaks for you and your staff. Standing for hours on end can be exhausting, so make sure you all take a short break or two throughout the day to rest your legs!

If possible, try to incorporate some sort of staff seating area in the back area of the stand! That way, there will be no worrying that your stand is left unmanned, or one person is covering all the breaks.

Step five: Network, and get some freebies!

You may have some giveaways on your stand, because let’s face it – people love promotional gifts, so use this to your advantage, as we’re sure many of your competitors will, too! Try to schedule an opportunity amongst the mayhem to have a little wander, check out the competition, network with potential partners and of course, bag yourself a free mug or piece of cake!

Oh, and don’t forget the business cards you should have got printed back at step one! Business cards are a great way to quickly exchange contacts with other industry professionals!

Exhibition success can be achieved through careful planning, and creative design, and here at Skyline Whitespace – we’ve got the design part covered! As one of the leading providers of modern and innovative exhibition stands, we promise you the stand that’ll get you noticed! For further information, or to speak to one of our friendly and creative team – please do not hesitate to contact us today!