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A Trade Show Checklist: The Must-Haves

Trade shows are a fantastic opportunity for many industries, providing ample reasons for both brand and customer to attend. Although,  often seen as a marketing investment, when it comes to cost – things can get a little pricey!

From space rental and exhibition stands, to travel and promotional costs – the checklist for any trade show attendance can be epic, so it’s important that when you commit to going – you do it well and make the most of your time!

trade show checklist

So, you’re attending a trade show? Whether large or small, near or far – here are 5 of the must-haves that you’ll need in order to be successful, professional and maximise your return on investment! Good luck.

1. Give ‘Em A Speech

Once the trade show is well under way, you may only have a short amount of time to speak to each person that stops by your booth. Make sure you’ve got an awesome (but short!) pitch memorised that says everything you want it to. Aim for 30 seconds, making sure you emphasise all available services, products and how they could benefit a potential customer. Go on, make it impressive so they won’t be able to walk away!

2. Everybody Loves A Good Business Card

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it sure is a goodie! The success of your trade show experience heavily relies upon your business cards, so make sure they stand out! Most visitors, at the end of any exhibition, will end up with hundreds of random cards, and often these will end up being theown in the bin! So, it’s imperative to make sure these handy little must-haves are unique, and will be easily spotted amongst the card crowd!

3. F Is For Freebies

Everybody loves a freebie, and especially a freebie that they can use after an event. Forget pens, mugs and chocolates – be a little more creative, and give your visitors a pressie that’ll keep you in their minds well after they’ve gone home!

4. Be Visual

Whether you’re attending your 1st or your 100th trade show, always showcase your best work! Provide a visual show for attendees, allowing them to get a feel for your brand, whilst having their questions answered! Nobody wants to sit and read a hefty booklet, so be sure to provide your audience with variety, and give them something interesting to view. Create a slideshow of images, a live demonstration or a branded game to really grab their attention (and keep it!)

5. Arm Yourself With A Dream Team

You can’t predict trade show traffic, so always be prepared! Arm yourself with the best in the industry, and lots of ’em! You can only talk to one person at once, so if you’re tied up in conversation, you really won’t want to lose that poor guy’s attention whose been waiting for you for the last 10 minutes. For smaller events, we recommend at least 2 or 3 staff, and for larger events – opt for a dream team of 5 or more! After all, too much preparation is never as harmful to a brand’s reputation as not enough.

Here at Skyline Whitespace, we’re passionate about your brand, and are proud to have created bespoke exhibition stands for some of the biggest brand names in the world. So, for more information, or to speak to one of our creative team – please do not hesitate to contact us!