Trade Show: 10 Commandments (Part Two)

As discussed in part one of our exhibition commandment two-part series, we’ve highlighted the importance of making your time at an event count, and discussed a few great ways to do it.

Whether you aim to gain brand awareness, promote a new product or just create solid and worthwhile industry relationships – a trade show can provide you with many opportunities, as long as you follow our (very important) exhibition and trade show success 10 commandments!



6. Make friends…quickly!

When it comes to networking, there is no better place to try out a few social skills than at an industry-focused trade show with other professionals. When you receive someone’s business card or contact details – be sure to record it straight away, and then get in touch to remind them who you are shortly after your meet. The key to forming productive relationships is to stick in their mind, so respond quickly!

7. Pick the best team

Before an event, invite your staff to attend a few ‘practice’ shows. This will give them a clearer idea of the trade show atmosphere and job role expectations, especially if they are new to the business. When at your own show, be sure to keep an eye on the most successful and effective sales people, and reward them for gaining top results. Set targets, goals and competitions for the best team members, and always be creative in your sales approach!

8. Give gifts. Everybody loves gifts

If you’re giving away something that your audience want, make them do something for you in return. Whether it’s sitting through a 25 minute presentation, or providing details for a newsletter signup – educate their interest into need and you’ll soon see results. You are far more likely to create sales when you have provided worthwhile information along with a useful promotional product.

9. Don’t over-do it!

If a particular feature or attraction compliments your brand – do it! However, if it serves no purpose to your message at all – avoid it! In a trade show setting, looking the part really doesn’t have much effect when your brand’s profile doesn’t talk the talk!

10. What goes around comes around

If you’ve been talking to a guy for 30 minutes, to finally discover his brand has nothing to do with your industry – take his details anyway! Why? Because there may be someone you can trade it with at a later date. Whilst trading, if you effectively make relationships with other exhibitors, why not offer to trade leads in order to double your final result – this type of approach can take a 1500 business card total to over 3000 without much extra work! Easy, eh?


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