Trade Show: 10 Commandments (Part One)

Exhibiting at any type of trade show, as long as it is specific to your industry can truly enhance your company profile, providing beneficial interaction and results.

Making your time at a trade show count can prove detrimental to your brand’s success, so if you’re looking to gain the ultimate trade show experience- here’s 10 commandments that you should stick to, both before and after the event.


1. Never go to an event that you cannot pay for by profit

When we say this, we are referring to the leads you will generate before the event, and during. If you’re attending an event but have no idea what type of turn-out you are to expect, it really does not sound like a productive business opportunity.

Before attending an event, you should have some sort of idea as to the leads you are expecting, and these should already outweigh the original cost of attendance. Achieve results by social media, including LinkedIn and Twitter. Tell your audience you’ll be there (with plenty of notice), invite them to discussion and make a date with them to meet you at your stand. This is an easy yet effective way to encourage your audience to actually turn up!

2. Look sharp, be sharp!

…But most of all, be kind! When you’re at any event, be assertive, and talk to everyone. Don’t spend your time at an event sitting down, eating food or basically ignoring anyone that doesn’t look like they are there to spend money!

These days, customers can be anyone – so treat everyone the same, and give them your full-attention. After all, you wouldn’t want to get home after the event to a tweet about how ignorant your booth staff were, would you? One voice can jeopardise a brand’s reputation – so be careful!

3. Never go to an event that you cannot speak at

The initial reasoning for any event is to be heard, so if you can’t speak – don’t attend! Trade shows that offer a chance to present your brand to an audience are often far more effective than those which don’t. Oh, and be sure to speak well…

4. Take the big dogs

When attending a show, customers will want to speak to the brains as well as the brawn – so make sure you are present! As a business owner, you’ll be able to answer questions far more accurately than hired event staff, so make sure at least one manager or high-level executive is present at all times!

5. Promote the event like it’s your own

…Well, because it is! As a trade show attendee, you know what type of audience you require for success – so invite them! Every year, brands drive hundreds of visitors to a variety of trade shows through online and marketing techniques – ensuring the people they want in attendance, are there! A great way to encourage particularly important or promising clients to an event is to send them a free pass, or give them decent reason to attend – but, be creative!

…To Be Continued!


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