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Top 6 things you need if you’re attending an exhibition for the first time

Trade shows offer an environment buzzing with action where businesses can promote their brand, products and services to thousands of individuals from their industry. They are a fantastic opportunity to boost brand visibility, increase sales and lead opportunities and showcase new products and services.

If you’ve taken that leap of faith and secured a space at your first exhibition, you will now need to consider how you are going to attract visitors to your stand. If you are limited by size or budget, you may not want to dive straight in and have a stand designed and built for you, you may want to invest in a more affordable solution. The Portable Display Shop offer a wide variety of portable exhibition equipment that will get you ready for your first event.

1. Roller banner

Roller banners are an ideal budget friendly, portable solution for exhibitions as they offer maximum visibility and ensure your brand message gets noticed. Whether you are promoting a specific product or hoping to increase brand awareness, consider incorporating a roller banner as an informative feature on your stand. Check out these fully brandable and interchangeable roller banners, available in various sizes and different price points to best suit your budget.

2. Lightbox

The type of stand you book will dictate what you can do with your space, for example a shell scheme is a lot more restricted than that of a space only. No matter the size or orientation of your space, you’ll want to make a statement in order to attract visitors. The Whitebox Lightbox is the perfect addition to any stand, available as a stand-alone back drop or as a fully customisable stand package. Portable, lightweight and quick to assemble, the Lightbox is the ultimate affordable and reusable option for any business.

3. Counter

Having an information point or welcome counter can be a highly effective way to meet and greet customers and attract people’s attention. An addition of the Whitebox range, the lightbox counter is portable and easy to reposition around your stand for ultimate impact. Features on your stand like a counter are a very simple yet effective way of further marketing your brand.

4. Hand sanitiser station

The newest must-have addition on any exhibition stand is a sanitiser station. Allowing visitors and staff to clean their hands regularly whilst interacting with so many different people will be imperative in a post Covid-19 world. People will care a lot more than they did before about cleanliness and safety, thus visitors will feel more comfortable approaching your stand with a hand sanitiser station in situ. There are a variety of different options available, from basic units that can attach to your lightbox to stand alone stations that have gloves and masks for extra protection, depending on your budget.

5. Screen dividers

Screen dividers and sneeze guards are another accessory that will be deemed necessary on your exhibition stand, especially if you intend on engaging closely with visitors. However they don’t have to be intrusive or unattractive, the sleek design of The Portable Display Shop’s range of protective screens can be subtly integrated into your stand design. Recently installed for FactSet, so crystal clear you almost won’t spot it!

6. Stickers

Social distancing may be in place for a while, so making sure people keep their space whilst visiting your stand is crucial. Depending on your stand size, you may want to go one step further in order to ensure health and safety by purchasing floor sticks. Stickers can be an easy way to control the flow of traffic on your stand to implement a one-way system, which will minimise people’s contact with each other.

The Portable Display Shop’s Whitebox Lightbox are a great place to start when building out your exhibition kit. If you have any questions get in touch and a member of our friendly team will help you out.