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Is It Time To Trash Your Trade Show Literature?

The leaflet, the brochure, the catalogue; they’ve all been staples of many a trade show exhibit for years. After all, you want attendees to walk away with the vital information they need to take advantage of your products and services, and the printed word is a straightforward and easily portable way to do that.

But does it work?

The average attendee will walk around and pick up literature from stands that offer it – they may even read it – but by the time they get back to their hotel room, a lot of it starts to look like bulky rubbish which they don’t really want to put in their suitcase and take home.

Knowing that, it becomes a delicate balancing act to spend enough on your literature to make it look like it’s worth keeping, but keeping it cheap enough that you can afford to actually hand it out. Add to that the expense of printing new literature for each show you attend and the environmental impact of wasted brochures and it’s clear that an alternative solution is an attractive proposal.

Luckily, today there are plenty of options that make digital literature just as easy and effective, getting your information into the hands of trade show attendees without loading them down with dead trees.

The easiest way is simply to switch the format of your giveaway; instead of handing out printed literature, hand out branded USB flash drives, printed with your logo and pre-loaded with all the information you need. Even if the attendee chooses to wipe the information to use the space for other things, they’ll still have your company’s name in front of them.

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Another option is to set up a special landing page on your website with all the relevant information and downloads, then use your trade show stand to direct attendees to the page. For example, you could integrate QR codes into the stand’s design for attendees to scan with their smartphones, and include the link on business cards (which tend to be kept longer than bulky leaflets) for those without the relevant technology.

You can also integrate digital technology by providing interactive tablets for the attendees to use at your stand, pre-loaded with the relevant information and including a simple form for them to fill out to have further details sent to their email address – which, of course, functions as a lead-gathering tool too.

Here at Skyline Whitespace, our talented team of exhibition designers can help you to integrate digital literature into your next stand. Whether you’re looking for simple banner stands or reconfigurable modular exhibition stands, we can help. For more information, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.