Time-Saving Tips for Exhibitors

So you would like to improve your exhibiting experience and do trade shows better, but with an already busy work schedule, you just don’t have the time. But what if you could find more time? What if there were a couple of easy steps you could follow that would save you time at every show, or that are worth spending extra time on to get great benefits later?

Preparing for a trade show can definitely be time-consuming. But don’t worry, here are some simple tips & tricks that will help you save time at every show and allow you to spend more of that time building quality relationships with your customers:


Save: Can you find a promotional deal that will work across multiple shows? That way you only have to create and buy your promo once instead of repeating the process at every show.

Invest: Define your buyers’ demographic. Understanding your target market is key to shaping an effective marketing strategy. Do your research and try to find as much information as possible, including their age, gender, occupation, likes and interests. Create promotions that your audience really wants to see.

Lead Management

Save: Qualifying the leads during the show will save you time and allow you to focus on following up when you get back to the office. Remember to only send leads to your sales team that seem genuinely interested. You can also get a badge scanner – This way you won’t have to write down all the contact details of people with no business cards. After the show you will receive an Excel file with all your lead data. It will save you time on re-typing and organising all the leads after the show.

Invest: Find a good lead collection system. Research different options and choose one that works for you and your team. You can also create your own system that will quickly get your trade show leads in the hands of your sales managers, and one that will easily let you measure how well leads converted.

Stand Staffing

Save: Brief your stand staff before the show. Make sure everyone is clear on what they’re doing. Remind them of simple rules like no eating, chewing gum or mobile phones. Appoint one person to be the supervisor who can review the basics with anyone who shows up late. This way you can focus on finishing touches and details on your stand.

Invest: Monitor the number of leads each staff member captures per show. This will help you determine who’s performing best and who will be the best staffer for your upcoming events. It will save you time on making staff decisions every time you’re exhibiting and with the best people on the stand you will generate more leads.

Exhibition Stand Design

Save: Choose a display that is quick and easy to install. A lightweight portable display can be set up in minutes and will allow you to focus on other important things, like pre-show marketing. You also won’t have to worry about shipping and a complicated dismantle of your stand. Our Windscape portable system offers an ultra-quick installation and is a perfect self-build solution.

Invest: Find out what really separates you from competitors and what works for your customers. Make sure your exhibition stand really focuses on your unique selling points. Your message, products and services should be clearly displayed. A well designed exhibition stand will help you filter visitors. Only high quality leads and those that are genuinely interested will stop by to have a chat. Don’t forget to make sure that your exhibition stand contractor offers storage facilities, installation and dismantle services – They will take care of your stand quickly and efficiently and ensure that your exhibiting experience is stress-free.

Show Selection

There is no time you can save when it comes to choosing shows. But there is plenty you can invest. This will help you achieve all your goals, boost your results and have a successful exhibition:

  • Invest: Track your sales from each show and rank them by their return on investment. Shows that are not profitable should be at the bottom of the list, leave them out, they will not help you achieve your marketing goals.
  • Invest: Call 10-20 of your best clients. Ask them what shows they go to as attendees. It will help you create a list of top shows you should be exhibiting at.
  • Invest: Ask company directors and management what their key marketing goals are for this year. Makes sure you choose showsthat will help you meet these goals.

You may not have enough time to do all the above steps at once, so choose ones you feel are the most important for your business. Pick one thing and gain back some time. Use that extra time to pick another, and so on.

At Skyline Whitespace, We know how important an exhibition is for your business. Our team can create most effective and eye catching displays possible, with everything from lightweight portable solutions to modular exhibition stands. For more information about our great range of products and services please do not hesitate to contact us.