Successful Training Tips for Exhibition Staff

The most important and effective interaction of any event setting will be between stand visitors and the stand’s staff, making it extremely important to pick the right people for the job!

Attitude, appearance, body language and knowledge is key to success, and is equally, if not more so, as important as the unique aesthetic of your exhibition stand. Sure, the visuals of any exhibition stand are crucial to the brand, yet the staff present will act as the face of the brand, and one that you’ll want potential customers to communicate effectively with.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bespoke and custom built exhibition stands, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with everything they need to make their exhibition a success! So, here are a few key areas we believe you should consider when picking the face of your brand:

First impressions

The first few seconds of any interaction are crucial, and in an event setting, will be the decider as to what visitors think of your stand. Event staff should be friendly, welcoming and ready-to-help, without being too pushy or adopting a hard sales approach. Tip: try to strike up a conversation with passing trade, and engage with visitors on an informal level.

Exhibition training

Ensuring your staff understand the reasons and objectives behind exhibition is hugely important to the success of your stand. Making the core strategies of the business known will ensure instilling targets and receiving the maximum from their presence far easier.


Exhibition stand etiquette is imperative to a successful stand. Pick people who best reflect the impression you want to communicate, and one that will sell your brand well. Lazy and untidily-presented staff will give visitors a negative impression, and could lead to receiving a bad reputation from both reviewers and future customers. Consider the brand’s values when choosing your staff, and which individuals best personalise these ideas.


Exhibition shows can vary in both atmosphere and purpose, so it’s important that staff are well-prepared before their arrival. Consider what staff will be wearing, both clothing and footwear, and devise a clear schedule of shift pattern and breaks.

Sales understanding

An exhibition stand will attract a large variety of attendees, so make sure that staff understand the difference between those interested and those who are looking for a free gift. Time is valuable, especially if you’re at a one-day exhibition, so make sure staff are fully aware of how to respond effectively to potential sales leads.

Here at Skyline Whitespace, we understand the importance of visual brand representation, and believe it to be key to exhibition success! For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and creative team today.