The Star Trek Guide to Customer Engagement

Let’s face it; sometimes taking your brand to a trade show can be a bit like venturing out to a different planet. With that in mind, we took inspiration from classic science fiction franchise Star Trek to offer you this guide to customer engagement…


Boldly Go

Star Trek’s introduction hasn’t changed much over the years; their mission is to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilisations, and boldly go where no one has gone before.

What’s important here is that they weren’t waiting for the adventures to come to them, and when you go to a trade show you shouldn’t simply be waiting for attendees to come to you, either. Open hailing frequencies before the event and let people know where to find you – perhaps even offer them some incentives to come and see you. During the event, you may have opportunities to network outside of your stand area, so make good use of those chances. New clients, customers and partners can be new life to your business – so seek them out.

Choose Your Away Team

When the Enterprise reaches a new planet, they need to choose the right team to beam down. From the classic 1960’s series to Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Enterprise, the show has always had different specialists to fill those positions – from Dr McCoy and his successors in the medical field to Data the android who could often reach places too dangerous for his human colleagues.

When you’re preparing for a trade show, you also need to pick the right specialists. You need people who know your products and services, and who have the confidence and enthusiasm to communicate clearly to your attendees. You may not be attending yourself – after all, somebody needs to man the bridge and keep your business going – so having a good First Officer to lead the team is vital.

Speak Their Language

In the Star Trek universe, language is generally not an issue – their universal translator means that they can all understand each other. Or can they? In the Next Generation episode “Darmok” they encountered a culture who spoke entirely in metaphor and cultural references; the words were the same, but the meaning was lost.

The same can happen at trade shows if your pitch is full of technical language that your target audience is unlikely to understand. Remember, the people using your product may not always be the people making the buying decision – especially at B2B shows – so make sure that you know which demographic is going to be attending, and ensure that you can describe your products and services in a way that they can clearly understand.

And above all…

If you’re boldly going to a trade show, here at Skyline Whitespace we can assist your mission with a great range of eye-catching exhibition stands – for more information, or to talk to us about your brief, open your hailing frequencies and chat to our friendly crew!