Stands With Something Special

When you decide to exhibit at a trade show, the design of your stand is vital; it’s the key factor that will draw customers in and gain their interest in you and your business. However, no two trade shows are the same, and no two businesses are the same, so you may have some special requirements for your stand.

Here at Skyline Whitespace, we are no strangers to such requests, and our custom built exhibition stands can accommodate almost anything that you might be able to think of.

One of the most frequent requirements we see is the need for appointment spaces; areas where the exhibition staff can work with clients on a one-to-one basis without preventing other visitors from accessing information on the stand. This can easily be achieved with a simple structure to shelter a seating area, and visual cues to mark out the area as separate from the rest of the stand; such as in our stand for GFK here.

Many industry-specific trade shows bring special requirements with them; for example, attendees at the upcoming Gadget Show Live will expect to see gadgets and new technology front and centre of almost every stand, and anybody going to a video game show is going to expect to be able to try some of the new consoles and games being launched. Integrating such technical requirements into the stand is about more than simply making sure that there are enough plug sockets; it needs to be designed in such a way as to allow your visitors to get hands-on with your product quickly, easily and comfortably. In the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 stand below, you can see two separate areas for fans to experience the game; in the background, consoles for stand-up gaming, ideal for those who wanted to try the game quickly, and in the foreground a seated area which allowed for deeper engagement. This was the first opportunity for gamers to get hands-on with the game, so it was important to allow as many fans as possible to get access.

Attending a trade show can be hard, tiring and thirsty work; but not if the stands offer hospitality options. This can be a fantastic way to encourage deeper engagement with your stand, as a visitor who stops to enjoy a coffee or a refreshing drink at your bar will tend to stay for longer. It’s surprisingly easy to integrate such options into even a small stand; the Waldorf Astoria stand for the World Travel Market included a coffee bar and seating area, despite measuring only 3.5m x 3m.

Waldorf Astoria exhibition stand

Whatever special requirements you have for your next trade show, our experienced Custom Build team will be happy to discuss your brief with you and find ways to bring it to reality. Simply contact us and let us know what you need.