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Things to Consider When Planning Your Stand Graphics and Content

When you’re planning an exhibit at a trade show, it’s important to be clear about your message; what do you want to convey to the attendees and visitors to your booth? The answer to this question drives, in some way, every aspect of your exhibition stand design.

One of the foremost ways that your stand conveys your message is through the graphics. These can be split into three categories, and putting the right content into each graphics category is an important element of your stand design.

Firstly, there are the graphics that your visitors will see from a distance; these are large and bold, frequently set at height and often show no more than the company’s logo – any further content is likely to be lost at this distance. These attract the visitor’s attention from across the show floor, making them a landmark for the visitor to make their way towards. The giant fabric cubes towering above this Ladbrokes stand are an excellent example of such long-range displays.

Once the trade floor attendee gets a little closer – they’re a couple of booths away from you, perhaps browsing the content of one of your competitors – you can further grab their attention with the use of mid-range graphics. These are generally designed to be visible and legible from anything between 10 and 50 feet. Because they’re still designed to be viewed at a distance, you still won’t include in-depth content here – a slogan or tagline, product name or similar. In the Moshi Monsters Movie product launch, the banners function as mid-range graphics – they show the title, the tagline, and the important launch date information, clearly enough to be seen from some distance.

Finally, once the visitor reaches your booth, you can use short-range graphics to convey further information. These are designed to be viewed up-close – within ten feet – so you can include a lot of content here. This is an excellent place to include product benefits, features and specifications. Placement is important with short-range graphics –it’s often placed around eye level or a little higher, making it easy to read even if somebody is standing directly in front of it.

Custom exhibition stands will often include a range of components, using long, mid and short range graphics in combination to ensure that your message is conveyed accurately and clearly from any range and any angle.

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