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Spotlight: Trade Shows and the Video Game Industry

In a previous blog, we showed you the basics of trade shows in the toy manufacturing industry; however this is not the only industry that has more specific guidelines in terms of marketing at trade shows and exhibitions.

The video gaming industry is highly complex and involves the sales of many different products, including consoles, console accessories, games and merchandise, all of which are extremely profitable if they are marketed in the correct way.


The video game industry is one of the biggest and most profitable in the world, and was estimated to have taken in US$25.1 billion in 2010 in the United States alone. This has made the industry very competitive, and now annual gaming exhibitions and trade shows have become bigger than ever.


Video game manufacturers in particular need to make the most of trade exhibitions, as these are the best opportunities they can get to showcase their product before its release, and create much needed hype and even sell pre-orders.

The best way for any gaming software to be marketed is for it to be demonstrated effectively. This can be done through online tournaments, interactive sessions and transmitting game-play onto a larger screen in the exhibition. Exhibitors have to be creative in order to stand out from competitors.

Activision exhibition stand

Standing Out

As is the case with all trade shows, standing out from your competitors is the key to successful marketing.

The majority of video game exhibitors will be holding video game demonstrations, so giveaways and competitions are a good way to draw people to exhibition stands and therefore find out more about the product/s that are on offer.

Exhibitors can also use tools such as social media to engage with customers and clients, while also achieving the additional benefit of free marketing. Other tools that can be used in the exhibition booth include twitter walls and photo booths, as well as giving out free or discounted merchandise.

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