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Social Distancing Solutions

  • Safeguard your staff on their return to the workplace following Covid-19
  • Created using inherently anti-bacterial, easily wipeable materials
  • All solutions can be fully branded to match your workplace, office or environment
  • Free design and project management service
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Desk Screens, Dividers and Office Pods

To help ensure your team can return to work safely and comfortably, we have a number of contemporary desk screens, dividers and office pod solutions available.

With options ranging from desk topper screens to completely self-contained offices, we can provide a tailored solution to suit your team, their needs and preferred working environments.

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Large Sanistation

Supply key hygiene and sanitisation equipment to your staff through this simple and effective Sanistation.

Each station provides anti-bacterial hand gel, medical face masks and hand tissues.

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Small Sanistation

Our small standalone hand sanitiser Sanistations can easily be dotted around the office as the ideal addition to the large Sanistation, to ensure high hygiene levels are maintained.

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Floor Standing Hygiene Partition

Suitable for both office and retail spaces, these floor standing hygiene partitions ensure distance is maintained between customers, whilst still making the space feel open.

Available in various finishes to suit your environment, from frosted glass or plastic, to colour matched metal frames.

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Glass Desk Screens

Create partitions between workspaces using these glass desk mounted screens.

With the option of different frame finishes to match your space, these can be quickly and simple assembled around your office.

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Retail and Reception Hygiene Screen

Ideal for protection around retail tills or reception check in areas, these hygiene screens can be easily mounted onto the counter.

With a selection of finishes to suit your location, these can also have text and designs applied to the glass panes.

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Floor Standing Hygiene Partition With Sanitiser Dispenser

Ideal for gyms or spaces that see a large number of different visitors using the same equipment, these floor standing hygiene partitions also include a hand sanitiser dispenser to help ensure hygiene between uses is kept to a maximum. This can also be adapted to contain other cleaning liquids dependent on the environment.

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Temperature Testing Station

Easily take the temperature of all individuals entering your office using our temperature testing station, to help ensure maximum safety for all your staff members and visitors.

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Wall and Floor Signage

Utilise our wall mounted and free standing signage along with strategically placed floor stickers to help emphasise the rules around social distancing.

We can fully design these to match your company’s branding and desired messaging.

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