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The Royal College of Music’s Performance Simulator

 The Performance Simulator was developed to help musicians overcome their fear of performing in front of live audience and develop necessary professional skills. Most artists rehearse in practice rooms, away from their audiences. The simulator helps them to manage the stress of performing in front of large groups of people.

We were asked to design and build a stage for The Royal College of Music’s Performance Simulator. It includes a back-stage and on-stage areas. Large screen in the middle displays a virtual audience, and supports two different modes, audience and audition panel.



We were very excited to take part in such an interesting project. We designed the stage using our Inliten exhibition system. We installed large, black curtains to block the light and allow for an intimate performance between the musician and the virtual panel of judges. The surround stage recreates the feeling of performing to a live audience. Working with Royal College of Music has been fantastic. Our project managers payed great attention to details and worked really hard to get everything right. Broad range of skill and a positive attitude of our installation team ensured the stage was successfully delivered on time.


Working with Skyline was a very positive experience. The installation of the stage went really fast. Our project manager, Matt, was great. He was very helpful and always responded very quickly to our enquiries. Matt guided us through the whole process and we really appreciate his help.

  – Mats Küssner, Peter Sowerby Research Associate in Performance Science