Are Portable Displays Right For Your Business?

Curveframe exhibition system

Are you considering using a fully portable self-build display at your next show?

Many businesses find it hard to decide whether they should go for a larger exhibition stand or a smaller portable solution. When it comes to both, the range of different styles and design options available is almost endless. It can be a major decision for any organisation and needs to be based on your trade show schedule and overall marketing strategy. Portable stands offer great benefits, from premium fabric graphics and lightweight materials to easy of use and portability. Portable displays can be an ideal solution for many companies, especially if:


You’re new to exhibiting

Portable displays are great for first time exhibitors. They offer an extensive return on investment and make a huge impact on your audience. You will not have to worry about managing a big stand and your installation and shipping costs will be much lower. All portable solutions are built using clever systems that allow for a quick change of graphics and easy install, and most of them come in specialised cases to protect valuable components during transportation and storage. Portable systems offer a cost effective way of displaying your graphics and delivering a professional look.


You don’t have many staff members

Smaller companies may not have enough staff to successfully exhibit with a larger exhibition stand. If you choose a smaller and portable stand you will be able to staff it with ease and won’t have to worry about your stand looking empty.


You want flexibility and convenience

Portable displays are lightweight, convenient and flexible. They’re simple to install and pack down into a compact unit for easy transportation. They can be reused and set up anywhere you go, regardless of your exhibiting space. They’re great for retails shops, fairs, in-house events, entrance foyers and, of course, trade shows. You don’t have to sacrifice on quality to have an effective show presence. Skyline Whitespace displays and graphics are designed to be durable and are built from long-lasting high quality materials, meaning you will be able to reuse them for years and communicate your message in style.


You have a restricted budget

Exhibitions are often your company’s largest investment. Smaller, portable stands help you deliver the maximum impact and return of investment at fraction of the cost. They’re the perfect choice for exhibitors that are looking for a cost-effective solution with a high degree of reusability and transportability. Many portable solutions offer a variety of accessories you can add onto your stand, including peg bars, shelving, chairs, monitors, literature racks and apparel racks that effectively display your products. They also allow you to update and change your graphics to target specific audiences without investing in new hardware.

Big and colourful graphics of portable stands effectively support and convey marketing messages and leave a lasting impression. You will be able to get involved in the creativity process and work closely with the design team to produce stunning, high quality graphics that reflect your company and products.

We’re very confident that our products are the best in the business. We offer an extensive range of portable solutions, including pop up exhibition stands. As can help you choose a portable stand that is right for you and your business. For more information about our great range of products and services please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our expert team will be happy to help your with your enquiries.