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Planning Presentation Space

When you take your business to an exhibition or trade show, you need to make sure that you get your message across to as many of the attendees as possible. One popular way to do this is to schedule presentations – by gathering groups of attendees to watch and listen, you can convey your message much more efficiently than you could on a one-on-one basis. However, if you want to use this technique, you should be thinking about it well in advance – before you book your space and before your stand is designed.

Consider the size of your intended audience

Unless your chosen trade show has a separate presentation area which you can use (and these will often be booked for the largest exhibitors) you will very much be confined to the space of your booth. A very small booth space will not offer much room for people to gather– and your neighbours will not be best pleased if your audience is spilling out into the aisle and blocking access to their booths – so make sure that you take this into account when you book.

Consider the length of your presentation

How long you plan to speak for will impact on the design of your stand – and will also affect the space you need. If you’re planning very short presentations – five minutes or so – at frequent intervals then you can forego planned seating because most attendees will be happy to stand for this long. If, however, you want to run longer then you’ll need to plan seating or else your audience may wander off halfway through just because they’re tired of standing still. This means that a longer presentation needs more space to fit the same number of people in.


Consider sight lines & sound

Your presentation will not work very well if you can’t be seen by your audience. If you gather a reasonably large audience, whether they’re standing or seated, those at the back will have more difficulty seeing you. When you’re planning for a larger audience, it makes sense to plan for a stage or elevated platform for the speaker to stand on, making sure that everybody can see properly. You may also need to ask for lighting as part of your stand design so that the audience can see you clearly, or if you’re using video displays you may need a covered section to ensure there’s no glare from the hall lights.

Likewise, the larger your audience the more likely it is that those at the back will struggle to hear what you’re saying – especially on a busy trade show floor with lots going on around you. Think about whether you’ll need sound equipment, and adjust it to appropriate levels to balance being heard by your audience and not annoying neighbouring exhibitors.

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