PictureScape™ exhibition stands

Stand out with custom shapes.

PictureScape is smartly designed to give you a big look with a system that is streamlined and lightweight. Its sleek aluminum frame and fabric graphics reduce operating costs such as storage, shipping and drayage.

Beyond your graphics, your exhibit architecture can be a big part of your brand presentation – even in 10′ x 20′ (3m x 6m) spaces. Make the right statement about your brand with bold shapes.

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Step outside of square

PictureScape™ allows for angled frame sections, so you can create a look that complements your graphics and supports your brand. Create practically any angular shape imaginable.

Protective shipping case

Most 10′ PictureScape displays, including lights and accessories, will fit in a single, soft-sided case with handles and wheels for easy transport.

FlexLock™ fabric connection

Skyline’s proprietary fabric connection system is concealed for a clean, professional look and allowing for easy installation.

Double-sided graphics

PictureScape can carry graphics on both sides, making it perfect for stand-alone kiosks in lobbies, retail settings or trade shows. PictureScape hides wires between graphics.