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Our team’s tips on connecting with nature to improve mental health

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 10th – 16th May.

This year’s theme is nature and the environment, as a sustainable company this is a topic close to our hearts. From growing foods or flowers to exercising outdoors to being around animals – all of these can have many positive effects on your mood, stress levels and physical health. Our team have been exchanging ways we use nature and the environment to lift our moods and general fitness and we would love to share them in the hope they inspire others to embrace nature.

Running in the park

Our Design Director, Adam, is loving his morning runs at the local park with his dog, Rufus. Adam is currently completing the couch to 5K running challenge – a fantastic programme that helps beginner runners gradually progress to their first 5 kilometre run over 9 weeks, based on 3 runs per week. Outdoor running is a great way to get your daily dose of fresh air. Either play some of your favourite music to keep you going or clear your mind and run to the peace and quiet nature provides.  

Looking after the environment

Our Marketing Manager, Lucy, enjoys doing her bit to look after the environment. Lucy consciously does this in little ways that are achievable for everyone – recycling, walking instead of driving and nurturing her house plants. Taking care of nature can help you feel that you’re doing your part, and that can really make you feel more positive all-round.

Going to the beach

Our Sales Director, Tom, loves the beach and going swimming in the sea. Yes, that’s right – the sea, all year round! Swimming in general is an amazing form of exercise that builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. Cold hydrotherapy is the practice of using water that’s around or below 15°C like ice baths, brisk daily showers, outdoor swims and cold-water immersion sessions. Healthline outline various benefits of this technique including improved circulation, deepened sleep, spike in energy levels and reduce inflammation in your body.


Our Marketing Assistant, Imogen, loves gardening during the spring and summer time. Looking after the flowers and plants in your garden is a great mood lifter and can be a very calming activity, you’ll find time just flies by when you’re pottering about. Specific flowers can be planted to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bumblebees which are beneficial to the environment. Plus, some of these are currently listed as endangered specific, so doing your bit to help is always a great feeling.

These are just a few ways you can embrace the outdoors, and after spending over a year indoors, it is more important than ever to maintain a healthy mindset and embrace nature in any way we can. If that be a walk or run in the park, pottering about in the garden or doing your bit to take care of the environment.

For more helpful tips on connecting with nature to improve your mental health, both Mind Charity and Mental Health Foundation have outlined more benefits that nature can have on your mental health.