Interactive displays

Skyline Whitespace’s interactive displays are used to deliver a variety of marketing materials to stand visitors.

From product spec sheets and video case studies to online content, interactive displays are a compact way of storing and displaying larger resources and information.

Interactive displays can be screens with advert videos, tablets offering sign up sheets or screens showcasing specific products and information. The applications are varied and can easily be tailored to your exhibition needs.



Create an interactive display that promotes engaging branded content

Our team can work with your to either create or tailor your existing content for use as part of interactive displays.

As an engagement tool for real customers and stand visitors, interactive displays can be used to collect useful data on users. Therefore, all interactive displays we design incorporate a data capture facility.

Interactive displays allow two way communication between your brand and stand visitor. While you company offers informative content in sleek and interesting ways, your client can interact and feedback on what you do by giving you data.

By engaging users in this kind of interaction you will also be able to gather measurable data on your consumers. This data can vary to suit what your business needs.