Branded games

Interactive branded games are a fun opportunity to collect data.

At Skyline Whitespace we develop the theme of your exhibition stand games in line with your campaign, providing an enjoyable and rich experience for all attendees. Seeing is believing but physical engagement gives potential customers something tangible to link with your brand.



Games get your stand noticed

Offering branded games at your exhibition stand is a great way to get noticed at a show. Whether it’s fun Wii-controlled or Kinnect-based game, your customers will be more likely to linger at your exhibit station than at your competitors’.

Introducing a competitive element to branded games, we can also create high-score tables to encourage greater participation, inspiring visitors to compete against peers or for prizes.

The resulting data capture also provides a great post-show marketing opportunity for winners as well as runners-up.


Work within a budget with reskinned games

If your business wants to keep costs low but still get involved in branded gaming, Skyline Whitespace can offer a reskin from our existing catalogue of exhibition stand games. This means we can offer you an existing game, with your branding and basic data capture facility, for a smaller budget.