Exhibition stand hire

Contemplating hiring or purchasing an exhibition stand? Skyline Whitespace proudly offers the opportunity for both.

We have one of Europe’s most extensive ranges of hire exhibition stands in our spacious warehouse, where we also store our client’s reusable stands.

Our wide storage capabilities and range, along with a dedicated fleet of transport vehicles and technical experts, allows us to transport your stand hires quickly and efficiently to your events.

We work with you to make exhibition stand hire easy

If you are travelling long distances to an exhibition, are doing a one-off exhibit or don’t have the budget, hiring a stand, rather than purchasing may be the solution for you. In these instances, we’re here to help you get the best results from the options available to you.

Our experienced account managers can help you understand the options for exhibition stand hire and suggest solutions that work best for you by providing a cost analysis over one, two and three years plus.


Why hire exhibition stands?

First-time exhibitors, who want to test the market, are new to exhibiting or have budget restraints, often prefer to hire a stand instead of committing to a purchase. This also allows clients to try out different varieties of custom and modular stands.

Simply put, hiring a stand helps to maximise client budgets. Purchasing an exhibition stand makes sense for your business if you are doing multiple shows per year. We find that clients who take part in three or more shows in a year will purchase rather than hire stands.

If you only require stands for a smaller number of events, such as occasional trade show booths, then hiring your stands allows you to save costs while making the most of large format displays.

Exhibition stand hire offers clients flexibility, creativity and cost effectiveness. By renting stands from Skyline Whitespace, our clients will typically save around 35% on the cost of purchasing the same stand.


International exhibitors can use our international store of hireable stands

With a network of 128 Skyline offices in major cities across the world, clients who exhibit overseas can  do so without the worry of shipping, labour and other international considerations.

Client’s existing graphics can be transported overseas and fitted into frames hired locally nearer the exhibition or event location. This is all handled by our dedicated Skyline Whitespace team.


Hire add-ons: from interactive technology and exhibition furniture

For those clients who have already purchased full stand systems, we also offer the opportunity to hire exhibition stand additions.

This can include exhibition stand furniture, such as tables and stools, or field marketing kiosks for client interactions.


Whatever your requirements, large or small, Skyline Whitespace is here to find just the right solution for your business. If you would like to know more about exhibition stand hire, please contact us or give us a call 0843 770 0189.