Online marketing

By working Online Marketing into your exhibition system’s design, users are encouraged to engage with both your physical presence and your digital one.



Social Media with a difference

Skyline Whitespace are well versed in integrating your on-stand marketing activity with social media campaigns. We recognise the importance of social media as a key additional layer of brand building.

Not only does Online Marketing offer another platform to interact with potential customers, there are also valuable analytics available through Facebook, Twitter or other similar social media channels. This is turn can be used to influence your next campaign and learn about real users.

Online marketing can take many forms within your exhibition system. For example, Skyline Whitespace can provide a Twitter wall, Instagram booth or live Facebook feed of your event to non-attendees.


Pre-show email marketing campaigns


Market research suggests that 45% of trade show attendees are drawn to a company’s stand due to Online Marketing. However, fewer than 20% of exhibitors utilise pre-show marketing campaigns.

Pre and post show advertising is a highly effective way of reminding users about your stand. Because of this, our e-marketing platform is geared towards pre and post-event e-shot campaigns to extend the value of your event.

As part of our email marketing service, the Skyline Whitespace team will design, build and enact your campaign, following up with a report of the campaign’s effectiveness.. Each Online Marketing strategy is tailored with any existing online strategies in mind to ensure year old coverage of a client’s business and events.