Moving From Pop Up To Modular

Many exhibitors have pop up wants with modular needs. If you’re considering replacing your pop up display with a modular stand, you have to remember that it’s a big and sometimes tough move to make.

You may be one of many exhibitors that want their display to set up in minutes, be lightweight, easily stored and completely portable. However, you may also need plenty of storage, shelving and a powerful visual presence. There are portable solutions that will meet some of the needs mentioned above, but definitely not all.

A lot of exhibitors are ready to step up their game visually, but are unsure about the total impact of this move. Here’s a quick list highlighting benefits of both solutions to help you decide if you’re ready to ditch the pop up and move to modular:

Pop up displays

1. Portable stands offer great benefits, from premium fabric graphics and durable materials to flexibility and affordability. But most importantly, they offer features that many exhibitors want – quick set up and easy transportation. They take minutes to install and can be easily assembled by a single member of your sales team. This also means you won’t have to pay for labour or have a dedicated member of your team responsible for the installation and dismantle of your pop up.

2. Pop ups can be reused and set up anywhere you go, making it one of the most convenient, versatile and flexible options. They can be used at trade shows, festivals, fairs and in-house promotional events. What’s even better, most pop ups pack down into a compact unit and come in a specialist case with rolling wheels to protect valuable components during transportation and storage. They don’t require a lot of space, which means you can take them onto a flight or easily store in your office. If you want to reduce the cost of shipping and storage, pop ups are definitely for you

3. Portable displays help you deliver the maximum impact and return on investment at a fraction of cost. So, if your trade show budget is small or you’re only just starting out as an exhibitor, pop ups offer a cost effective way to market your business and create a professional presence.

Things pop ups can’t do:

  • Pop ups usually can’t offer storage facilities. Some portable solutions offer small storage spaces, but this depends on the system of your display and additional components you purchase.
  • Portable stands like Mirage have a number of accessories you can add onto them, including display tables, monitor mounts and literature racks, but the options are restricted and less varied.
  • Unlike modular and custom stands, pop ups don’t create the unique and striking look most exhibitors want.

Modular stands

1. Modular stands can be reconfigured to fit various exhibiting formats and sizes. The possibilities are virtually endless, for example, your 3×3 modular stand can reconfigure to 3×6 or 6×6, and can expand over ten times since it was first created. If you’re attending both, large trade shows and small events, modular stands are for you. They are almost infinitely flexible and reusable. All components can be mixed and matched to meet your exhibiting requirements and to create a unique looking stand for time and time again. Modular stands require a bigger exhibiting budget than pop ups, however, they are reusable, lighter and easier to build than fully custom stands, and still reduce labour and shipping costs.

2. Modular stands allow you to have shelf space for your products and a number of screens to showcase your services. They support a bigger range of accessories than pop ups, including, retail merchandising, screen and tablet mounts, reception counters and product displays. Modular stands are also great for those that require storage space. Your stand can be designed to include plenty of space to store your brochures, giveaways, lead forms and other imperative items.

3. Pop ups graphics can be customised and easily changed to target specific audiences. However, modular stands offer a much greater custom look that will capture the attention of attendees and make you stand out from the competition. You can mix and match different components to create a unique stand and a cohesive experience each time. Your exhibition stand will be designed by highly skilled designers to meet all your requirements and exhibiting needs. No matter what shows you’re planning to attend, your stand will always reflect your products and brand. You will be involved in the creative process to produce a stunning stand that effectively communicates your marketing messages and attracts visitors. A dedicated account manager and project manager will work with you through the lead up to the show, during and after the event to ensure your exhibiting experience is stress-free.

Things modular stands can’t do:

  • Modular stands can’t be installed under one hour.
  • Most modular systems can’t be set up by your sales team and will require a professional install and dismantle team.
  • Most modular stands are not small enough to easily store in your office and will require a dedicated storage facility.
  • Modular stands also can’t compete with pop up pricing.

Here at Skyline Whitespace, we have a talented team of designers who can help you create effective and beautiful modular exhibition stands and pop up displays that display your brand at its very best. We can help you choose the best exhibiting solution based on your requirements and budget. For more information, or if you’d like to chat to us about your requirements, contact us today.