Mosaic exhibition panel system

Mosaic Exhibition StandsUnlimited design possibilities

Panel systems integrate internal display graphics seamlessly into an adaptable layout. Skyline Whitespace’s mosaic exhibition panel system is one of our most popular stands due to its versatility, bright graphics and ease of use. Mosaic’s universal connection system also allows for quick installation.
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A seamless, precision fit panel system

The mosaic exhibition panel system is constructed with a series of panels with absolute 90º corners. This precision alignment ensures a seamless, gap free stand.

With a variety of shapes and sizes available in this panel system, users can customise their exhibition stand to fit your unique needs. All variant panels are compatible with one another and fully interchangeable, giving unlimited design possibilities.

Attract visitors with backlit graphics and 3D variants

Skyline’s genuine graphics are used within the mosaic exhibition panel system to communicate your brand message in style, with graphics built to last. From big, bold murals to detailed headers and signage, our graphics capture each pixel.

To make your system really stand out, this stand can be backlit to highlight your graphics. Alternatively, to add depth and intrigue visitors, users can include custom 3D graphics – which are easy to interchange.

Built in counter and other retail options

The great graphics and flexible styling are not the only feature that have made the mosaic panel system so popular. This system also includes added surface space with a built in counter, ideal for displaying products or taking leads with potential customers.

For those who want to increase their field marketing capabilities, Skyline Whitespace also offer accessories for your panel system such as peg bars, storage racks and shelving. All can be neatly integrated into your overall stand display.