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Making Use of Empty Space

In exhibition stand design, it can sometimes be just as important to make space as it is to fill it. With a limited amount of square footage available, it can be tempting to fill as much of it as possible with logos, products, brand information and displays.

However, the finished stand needs to cater not only to the product and brand, but also to the human element; the people who will come to see it.


When you attend a trade show, there are a number of factors that influence whether or not you stop at a particular stand. One of those is how crowded or empty it is. If a stand is so packed with people that you’d have to squeeze in like a sardine to get to the products or information, you’re only likely to bother if you really, really want that product or information – in other words, if you’re already sold on it.

For an exhibitor, this is something of a mixed blessing. Yes, you’re popular – but only with your existing clients. If you’re looking to expand your client base, the people you really want to sell to – the marginal customers who might be swayed either to your product or to a rival one – are walking by because you don’t have the space or time for them.

On the other hand, if you see a stand that has loads of empty space with nobody and nothing in it, you’ll think it looks unpopular; you might be loathe to step in yourself because it can feel like you’re on display!

Predicting your expected footfall can help you plan the right amount of space, but if it’s a show you haven’t attended before this may be difficult. However, you can work around this by creating plenty of empty space but making it look full.

Some of the ways we can do this include:

Using elements at height to give the impression that the space is occupied whilst leaving plenty of room for people underneath



Using patterned elements on the floor to make it a feature of the stand when visible 



Using a number of smaller displays spaced out around the area to reduce the visual effect of empty space without drastically reducing the actual space



Whatever you need your exhibition stand to do, here at Skyline Whitespace our talented designers can make it a success. For more information, or to talk to us about your brief, get in touch with us today.