How to Make the Maximum Impact with an Exhibition Stand

Here at Skyline Whitespace we consider ourselves to be the market leaders when it comes to high quality modular exhibition stands; and we believe that there is good reason for us to think this. We pride ourselves on providing a service that is as hassle free as possible, and can walk you through the design and implementation processes of any exhibition stand from start to finish. Furthermore, our stands are perfectly created to stand out wherever you may place them, so you’ll never run the risk of being in someone else’s shadow.

In the image, you’ll see the stand that we created for Education City, the leading UK supplier of educational e-resources, when they were looking to make the maximum possible impact. Because of the size and scope of a modular exhibition stand, it is always easy to create something that is hugely eye-catching, but dimensions alone can only get you so far. For this particular stand, we focused upon creating a vibrant and colourful spectacle that mirrored the branding of Education City, and also made sure that we utilised height to good effect too. As was discussed in our previous blog, height is a superb way to command attention when exhibiting, and so we endeavoured to make best use of it here too.

Interactive elements are also integral to an exhibition stand, and can certainly help to elevate a stand above its competitors. For this modular stand, we made use of digital media screens, designed to keep the attention of visitors even when staff were otherwise occupied, and also utilised seating spaces to make the installation more inclusive. Such considerations can take shape in very different ways, and so we specialise in creating bespoke exhibition stands that will do exactly what you need them to. From the example we’ve used, we’re sure you’ll agree that the results are well worth the little extra planning.

At Skyline Whitespace we have built up a reputation for professional expertise and reliable service, and believe that this repute is entirely justified. Whatever sort of exhibition stand you are looking for, we know how to make it the maximum possible success.