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Latest Interactive Technology

Ensuring you have a well-designed stand that best showcases your brand and aims to accomplish your business goals is the first big step in ensuring your trade show success.

What’s next?

It’s crucial to understand the importance of interactivity on your stand. The level of interactivity you explore can range from a coffee bar, a small game or a fully immersive virtual reality experience.

It’s always good to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. What would grab your attention? What would encourage you to approach a stand?

The brands that stand out amongst a sea of competitors are the ones that incorporate technology into their engagement feature. Through new interactive technology, you can bring your stand to life and interact with your customers in a way they can’t help but remember.

Through new interactive technology, you can reduce the need for that repetitive sales presentation. Allowing those people, who would prefer to approach you when they have questions, to learn about your business in the most convenient way for them, will expand your approachability.

Engagement Technology

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an immersive, computer-generated artificial environment that attracts attention and creates a great talking point.

There are many cutting-edge virtual reality headsets on the market today that allow users to completely immerse themselves in the 3D world and this event technology offers a great way to explain complicated systems or bring large-scale products to life.

Your headsets can be preloaded with already existing 3D content or you can create your own immersive environments. Whichever option you go for, VR will create unforgettable experiences for your prospects and create a memorable buzz.



Augmented Reality

The new advertising trend of using Augmented Reality has proven itself a powerful marketing tool, allowing brands to connect on a deeper, more immersive level with their target audience.

AR lets you hide content behind marker images that can be included in your event display posters or exhibition stand graphics. It’s a totally fresh and unique way for visitors to interact with your brand.

Using this technology, individuals have access to digital information about particular products or services, but the interactive media sets itself apart by allowing the user to merge engagement across the physical and digital spaces.

Still new and unfamiliar to most people, it attracts the attention of visitors. This in turn creates the perfect opportunity for your sales team to engage with customers and promote the product or company.







Interactive screens

Customers have grown accustomed to interactive features in their daily lives, as they increasingly depend on their portable devices. So, when it comes to searching for or buying new products, they expect some level of independence and freedom

You can display vital information in a simple and versatile manner, making use of eye-catching graphics, images or videos.

It will also improve your exhibition stand’s efficiency because unlike a direct and personal approach interactive displays can work nonstop, move at the user’s speed and are available at their convenience.


Product demonstrations

Another key element of any interactive trade show stand is to simply offer product demonstrations and presentations. Allowing guests to try out products and get them involved on the stand will attract passing visitors, but also will show off the benefits of your products and potentially gather product feedback from your targeted customers.

When conducting product demonstrations, it’s important you choose your space wisely and ensure you are positioned in the most convenient spot for your audience. Additionally, you should inform your audience ahead of time regarding your demonstration. Social media is a great tool to advertise your exhibition stand activity and generate buzz around your stand.


Gamification can be a great way to draw visitors to your booth, collect their contact information and to incentivise their attendance at presentations and demonstrations.

Including the chance to win a prize will appeal to people’s competitive nature, and by showing a leader board you’ll likely see people engage further, as they will have a reason to come back to your stand to see how they have progressed.

It’s important that you ensure your exhibition stand is up to date and includes interactive elements. But don’t rely just on eye-catching interactivity – a strong sales team is still a major asset in gathering new customers.

exhibition stand staff engagement



Also, do not rely solely on the latest technology to manage your exhibition stand. A strong sales team is still a major asset to gather new customers and effectively transmit your company.

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