Immerse Yourself in Inception’s Virtual World at AR & VR Conference 2016

VR & AR World Conference took place last week at ExCel London. It was a three-day conference and exhibition focused on augmented and virtual reality and its impact beyond gaming. VR is a rapidly evolving market which provides immense opportunities for brands. The show is exploring the potential of these interactive technologies and their advancements. Attended by over 8000 visitors and 80 industry-leading speakers, it was an excellent opportunity for networking, discovering the latest AR & VR technologies and innovations we can expect from virtual reality in upcoming years.

We designed and built a 6 x 6 exhibition stand for Inception’s attendance at this year’s conference. The stand featured an open layout that attracted attendees and helped bring passing visitors to the stand. The stand was built using our lightweight and flexible PictureCube exhibition system, meaning it can be easily reused at a number of shows. PictureCube’s easy-to-change fabric panels allow branding and key message flexibility to suit Inception’s marketing strategy.

Inception is a leading provider of 360 and VR entertainment content. When designing this stand, it was very important for us to make the graphics as bold and vivid as possible to reflect Inception’s captivating content. The attention grabbing backlit graphics of the PictureCube tower created a powerful presence and the backlit ceiling-hung fabric structure was visible from anywhere in the exhibition hall! The stand also featured a number of demo stations with the latest virtual reality Samsung Gear headsets. This meant that the visitors were able to truly engage with the brand and immerse themselves in the virtual world that Inception created for them.

Virtual Reality is one of the top event technology trends in 2016. On a digital screen or on a tablet, we can only engage with the audience to a certain level. In virtual reality, we are able to create a sensation of true presence and take the visitor on an exciting journey that they will remember and share long after the show. AR & VR World was a huge success for Inception and we’re looking forward to next year’s show!

If you need assistance with setting up an effective exhibition stand that will attract the attention of prospective customers, Skyline Whitespace offers an excellent range of exhibition tools, including pop up exhibition stands, as well as design and engagement services. Contact our team today to discuss interactive technologies in exhibition stand design.