We are open for business, with new flexible payment and cancellation terms.

Flexible Payment and Cancellation Terms

Adaptable terms that help you comfortably and confidently start planning exhibitions and events again.

We appreciate times are tough for everyone participating in exhibitions and events right now, and for that reason we want to help you out by making our payment and cancellation terms as flexible as possible.

Our fully flexible terms include:

  • Paying in smaller instalments instead of a deposit and one final lump sum. This will hopefully ease the financial commitment of taking part in a show or event and enable you to spread the payments, making things more manageable.
  • Simply move your existing payments to another show. If your show gets cancelled or postponed, you can easily move any payments you’ve made onto the postponed date or a different future show.
  • Easy and transparent cancellation terms. If for whatever reason you need to cancel your order, be it the show or event is not going ahead or it’s not financially viable for you to attend anymore, you can easily cancel and either receive a full refund or if work has already begun, only make payment for those costs incurred.

If you have any further questions on this, feel free to chat to a member of our team and we can work out a solution that fits you best.

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