The Exhibitor’s Guide to Being a Good Neighbour

When you attend a trade show or exhibition, you don’t do so in a vacuum; the fact is that your stand will be in competition with other stands, and as the organisers often need to fit as many booths into the hall as they can, there’s a good chance that you’ll share borders with other exhibitors. The trade show floor needn’t be a battleground however; by working together with your neighbours you can generate success for both sides.

When you book your space, you should know whether or not you’ll actually be sharing booth borders with another exhibitor. If you are, it’s worth trying to make contact with them, so that you can work out some common ground. For example, you want to make sure that you don’t have an open side on your booth backing onto an unfinished back wall of theirs, and if you both have open sides, you should ensure that you have different flooring to avoid giving attendees the impression that your booths are connected.

Exhibition stand design often uses elements at height to attract attention from across the trade show floor; however, unless you have established a solid relationship with them beforehand, you may not know the specifics of your neighbour’s stand design until you arrive. If you find that you’re both trying to hang graphics at the same height, so that one will obscure the other, don’t just watch them put their stand up and grumble about it later – engage them in conversation, and see if you can reach a compromise that means both signs have the visibility they need. This could be as simple as hanging yours a few inches lower and theirs a few inches higher, or vice versa.

While you’re setting up, you should find time to ask your neighbouring booths about their schedules – if you’re both planning to give presentations at your booths, it’s sensible to schedule them so they don’t clash, simply so that you don’t find yourself shouting over each other. If you’re not directly in competition, you can even work together by mentioning the time of your neighbour’s presentations when you give yours, encouraging the visitors to stay in the area for both.

Many clients who use our exhibition stands also make use of our Install & Dismantle team to handle the set-up and take-down of their booth. Friendly and approachable, with plenty of experience in handling all kinds of unexpected issues, they’ll be able to respond on the spot to issues around how your stand relates to your neighbours’, and help you to find a compromise that works well for everyone. For more information on this or any of our services, contact us today.