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Exhibiting in the USA

Exhibiting internationally can be complex and stressful. There are many differences between exhibiting in Europe and North America. Most show organisers in America set very specific rules, regulations and requirements. We have over 12 years of experience designing and building stands for UK clients exhibiting in the USA. Our knowledge allows us to understand the local regulations and operate successfully within them. With our international network we can provide a smooth and professional service. We can co-ordinate any of your projects taking place in the USA and make sure your exhibiting experience is stress-free.

Here is a brief outline of how to exhibit in the USA:


Your exhibition stand can be designed and produced by your stand contractor, but can only be installed by the show organisers. Usually the cost of installation can be estimated, but the billing is subject to the number of hours it takes to build your stand. There is no construction or painting allowed on site, only assembly of pre-manufactured components. Modular stands are very popular when exhibiting in the USA, as they reduce the cost of transport and installation.


Your stand can only be delivered in and out of the show hall by a nominated transport company. When exhibiting in the USA we always make sure all components of the stand are coded and packed into marked crates. Each crate contains detailed setup drawings and instructions. These are very important – once your stand reaches the show hall, it will be assembled as per the setup drawings by the show contracted company. Labeled crates containing your exhibition stand are handed over to the exhibition freight forwarding company, which transports them to the show centre warehouse or directly to the show site.


Before your exhibition stand enters the show site, a charge called drayage is billed for the handling and storage of the crates. Drayage is charged for:
1. Moving material from Loading Dock to your exhibition space.
2. Removing empty crates and storing them during the show.
3. Moving the material back to the loading dock after the show.
Drayage is charged for each cwt of material, and most shows have a compulsory minimum charge per shipment. It can be a complex and sometimes expensive process, which we can manage for you. This means you can focus on your big day and have a stress-free exhibiting experience.

AV and electrics

Show services such as electrics and AV have to be ordered from the same nominated show contractor. Most American show halls are very well lit, so a lighting on the stand is usually not necessary. All devices must comply with suitable adaptors and can only be plugged in and installed by show contractors.

Things to remember when exhibiting in the USA:

1. All measurements are in feet and inches. All weight are in lbs.
2. Pipe and drape are used for dividing the stands.
3. Electrical Supply is at 110V.
4. In the USA, credit cards are used to pay for all show services and all costs are automatically charged to the card.
5. There are 4 main exhibition stand types in the USA: in-line, corner, island and extender header booth.

Here are some of the stands we designed for clients exhibiting in the USA:

If you need assistance with setting up an effective exhibition booth in the USA that will attract the attention of potential customers for all the right reasons, Skyline Whitespace offers an excellent range of exhibiting solutions, including modular exhibition stands. We can create a stunning exhibition stand for you, guide you through exhibiting processes in the USA and ensure your stand meets all the local regulations. For more information please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and creative team and fill in your details here and we’ll be in touch shortly.