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A Guide to Exhibition Stand Flooring

A Guide to Exhibition Stand Flooring

When you’re designing an exhibition space, you have a limited amount of room to get your message across clearly, so you need to make sure that you’re using your space well.

Along with exhibition stand lighting, one aspect that is often overlooked but which can help to make a great impact is the flooring beneath your feet. You may think that it’s not important; after all, in a busy trade show there will hopefully be lots of people standing around in your exhibition space, so the floor will hardly be seen.

However, it can actually be very effective in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at some top tips to bear in mind when considering how to use the floor at your next trade show or event.

1) Use flooring to delineate the area of your exhibition stand

This is particularly useful if your exhibition space is placed directly adjacent to a neighbouring one, and especially so if you have similar products or services – by placing a different colour flooring underfoot, you remind the attendee that they’re in a different space, and it helps them to distinguish your brand from the other.

With the Just Eat stand, pictured below, we’ve displayed their logo boldly on the floor at the entrance of the stand. This clearly marks where Just Eat stand starts and ends.

2) Flooring can display your brand

As well as putting your logo at height, where it can be seen from a distance, you can have it inscribed on your flooring. People naturally have to pay a certain amount of attention to where their feet are, and having your brand name on the floor is a surprisingly effective attention grabber.

For example, Pension Insurance Group wanted to draw in visitors with its bright stand and eye-catching graphics. Here, we created the look of broken ice with seating areas on the blocks of ice remaining. We also included LED blue lights around the edge of the stand with the aim to further attract attention from passers-by.  How did we take this a step further to ensure it attracted visitors? We incorporated their branding into the flooring on their exhibition space, which really made their area stand out from the crowd.

3) Consider flooring as part of your overall stand design 

Another approach is using patterns on the floor to add shape and flow to the design, linking elements that would otherwise seem a little isolated.

Take Zag Zig’s stand below as an example: the orange swirl on the floor of the stand connects the information displays, so that they have plenty of space around them for attendees to use them, but still feel like an integral and natural part of the stand.

4) Incorporate texture in your flooring

Another effective flooring approach is to incorporate texture to give the stand some real depth by using materials like AstroTurf, metal or wood.

It’s important to ensure your flooring and theme complement each other appropriately. For a more cost-effective solution, synthetic materials can be used as a substitute, giving the desired effect but not compromising budget.

Below, you’ll see an example of Yale’s stand, which incorporated AstroTurf into the flooring design, further adding to the impact of the stand.

From reinforcing your brand colours to displaying your logo and giving your stand a cohesive feeling, the floor is more than simply something to stand on – it’s a vital part of your exhibition space and should be used to complement and enhance your stand.

Check out this article for further tips on designing your exhibition space. Or, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements – our talented team have plenty of experience in designing eye-catching, effective exhibition stands of all sizes!