The Difference between Consumer Events and Business To Business

Trunki exhibition stand

At Skyline Whitespace, we create exhibition stands for a wide range of businesses and a wide range of shows. No two shows are ever the same, but there can be a significant difference between those which are aimed at business attendees and those which are aimed directly at the consumer.

Buying Power

At a business to business event, the attendee you’re talking to may or may not be the person who makes the ultimate decision on whether to buy. You need to make sure that your pitch is easy to understand and take away – the last thing you need is simple miscommunication ruining your sale. Whether they are the decision maker or not, bear in mind that the decision will be based largely on business reasoning; costs and benefits will factor highly in their decision.

At a consumer event, you’re more likely to have the purchaser right there in front of you; they may need to run a decision past a partner, but in most cases everybody involved is right there. They probably will consider factors like costs and benefits, but they’re ultimately buying for themselves and the emotional factor is going to rank far higher than it would for a business buyer.

Decision Time

Business decisions are rarely made in a vacuum; most of the time, the decision to purchase won’t be made on the spot. They may need to go away and make cost comparisons, take details to management, or go through a standard purchase procedure with their accounting department before the sale is actually made.

In comparison, at a consumer event the attendees are more likely to be there with money in their pocket ready to buy. All you need to do is make the sale.

What This Means For Your Design

For a business event, your stand design should focus on factual information and stats; visual displays, tablets packed with information, and product demonstrations work well. Your staff should be focussed on building relationships and networking.

For a consumer event you may want to make it more experiential – images to excite, and ways to get the attendee emotionally involved – social media can be used really effectively with a consumer event. Most of all, have your product there ready for the customer to pick up and purchase, and staff ready to make the sale.

Two men at an exhibition stand.

Here at Skyline Whitespace, our talented team of designers can help you to create the perfect stand for any event. For more information, simply contact us today.