Design Your Way To Success

Just Eat Custom Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions, trade shows and corporate events are the original ‘pop up shop’ concept. Business owners, promoters and company personnel are able to share their products and services with an audience that’s specifically interested in their sector of expertise.

The main aim of any exhibition space is to capture the attention of the audience, and keep it long enough to result in the sole purpose of customer interaction and (hopefully) purchase. This may sound like an easy idea, but you’re not the only shop in town, and sadly the competition is most likely next door, over the road and at every other possible angle.

So, how can you make your stand draw more attention than your competitors? Use design! Design is key to capturing your customer’s eye. Here are a few top tips to make sure your exhibition space is a design success!

Just Design It!

Striking Polaroid exhibition stand

Exhibiting is all about capturing the attention of your audience, and once you’ve got their attention you can enjoy the ‘easy bit’ of wooing them with freebies and impressive technology. However, actually getting the crowds swarming round your stand can be tricky, and the only way to achieve it is through visual application. How your stand looks to passersby will in fact be key to drawing the customers in and tempting them to explore your stand.

Keep Their Attention!

Bullhorn Inliten exhibition stand

Most stands tend to only receive a mediocre level of success at any exhibition setting, as they make providing visitors with as much information as possible their sole focus. Wrong! Although that tactic can often work for a specific clientele, the average visitor will only spend between 30 seconds to 3 minutes at your stand before leaving and applying their attention elsewhere. This is referred to as the ‘goldfish effect’, and can help give you an idea of how to keep your visitors’ attention for nearer to the 3-minute mark. In larger exhibition settings, the aim really is to make your stand that big, shiny, lit-up stand that everyone naturally gravitates to.

Be bold and creative in your design approach, after all – the human brain is naturally attracted to vivid and innovative design. No exhibition stand has to be two-dimensional. Mix up the use of image, text and clever lighting in order to create curiosity towards your stand from all distances.

Design It Interactive!


Exhibition visitors will be far more drawn to a stand that offers interactive elements. No visitor wants to stand at an exhibition space as you push leaflets and stickers into their hand, so make your audience feel involved and give them something to engage with. Incorporate the latest technology and social media elements into your stand’s design – why not display live tweets on display screens and invite visitors to join in using their smart phones?

Consider developing a free app that is specifically designed to the exhibition setting, and that perhaps even interacts with the stand itself. This offers visitors the ability to access your company’s information in their free time, and provides an eco-friendly alternative to paper brochures that inevitably end up in the bin outside!

The design of your stand should focus on your brand, your core strategy and use all the tools at your disposal that encourage visual and hands-on engagement with the customer. If you are currently in the process of designing your brand’s concept or are struggling for a little inspiration on how to make your space stand out amongst the crowd, get in contact with our friendly and creative team. Here at Skyline Whitespace, we are proud to be one of the leading specialists in all exhibition and trade show stands that are designed especially to suit your brand!