What Colour Should Your Exhibition Stand Be?

When you are exhibiting at a tradeshow you want to make sure that your exhibition stand is as noticeable as possible. There are many techniques that experienced exhibitors employ in order to ensure that their stand is the one that people spend time at and the one that really stands out.

One of the first areas that you will want to consider in your exhibition design is the colour of your stand and the behaviour that this will prompt from potential customers. All colours have a psychology attached to them and prompt a certain natural reaction that is completely instinctual and cannot be changed or avoided. Working with this natural reaction can help to make sure that your stand receives the attention that your business deserves. Below we have noted some great colours to use for your stand and the exact effect they will have;

Blue – to attract people to you

Group of people at an ASSA ABLOY exhibition stand

Blue is a very calming colour that is very soothing and attractive to the human eye, this makes it the perfect colour to attract people to your stand. Blue has been proven to lower the heart rate and decrease stress, this makes sure that when people arrive at your stand they are calm and ready to receive the information that you are giving out. There are thousands of shades of blue available and many even consider it good practice to incorporate a few different shades in order to appeal to as many people as possible.

Red – to get people interacting with you

Red in all of its many shades is a very physical and exciting colour that increases motor skills and decreases inhibition levels. There is a good reason that many sales staff in all sorts of establishments wear red clothing, it is a very friendly and open colour that actively encourages people to interact with them. Using red highlights on the more interactive parts of your exhibition stand can help to make sure that people spend extended amounts of time.

Purple – to keep you in their memory

Buck Consultants (Xerox) - NAPF 2015 exhibition stand

Purple is widely accepted as being an intellectual colour that prompts further contemplation and thought. A great way to utilise the colour is to make any material that you give away purple, this inherently attractive and thought provoking colour will make sure that your informative leaflets are kept and read over after customers have let your stand.

Here at Skyline we understand that making a statement with an exhibition stand is a fine balancing act between art and science and we work hard to make sure that every stand that we work with you to create is perfect. If you have any further questions about exactly how we go about creating your perfect exhibition stand then do not hesitate to contact us and one of our experienced advisors will be on hand to take you through the process.