Choosing the right solution

When choosing stands for your next event, Skyline Whitespace can guide you to the right solution. By aiding our clients’ understanding of the features and benefits available within our range, we ensure you always get the stand you need and want.

We have four exhibition stand options: Modular, Custom and Portable. We also offer exhibition stands for hire.

What is the difference between modular and custom?

Our modular exhibition stands are a convenient, portable and adaptable option for your business. Built to be stored and reused, made from individual, modular parts, these stands are best suited to businesses attending multiple exhibitions.

Modular stands allow clients to change images and branding while keeping the pre-existing exhibition systems frame. They are  environmentally friendly, cost-effective and easily deconstructed for storage and reuse.

Custom exhibition stands are typically for a single use, and therefore most frequently constructed for a specific exhibition. These stands are designed and constructed by Skyline Whitespace according to your specifications.

We can design custom stands for reuse and storage, but cost of ownership is higher than a modular solution due to storage and refurbishment costs. Custom stands are usually less flexible to adapt to different spaces or new graphics.

Skyline Whitespace also offer custom modular exhibition stands. These stands are a hybrid of a mostly system based design and custom accessories or structural features to add an even more personalised element, or if a client has a particular product to be displayed that our systems cannot be used for.

Skyline Whitespace can provide extensive, fully insured storage for all our client’s exhibition stands and collateral. We can also offer client support and online management to help organise your stored items.


Many stands are available for hire

From our facilities in London; We can provide fully hired exhibition stands from our extensive modular systems straight off the shelf.

We can offer complex designs or simple, smaller solutions from our free design service in short time frames when needed. All our stands are assembled and

quality tested in the pre-build area by our expert technicians.
We are in a unique position to offer our clients international hire systems at our 128 Skyline offices and main service centres throughout the world. By utilising local expertise and labour, we eliminate shipping costs and complicated paperwork.


Need help choosing your stand?

We will work with you every step of the way to bring your unique vision to life –  whether you are looking for a modular, custom or custom modular stand, or require guidance on making the right choice. We also advise on and supply any stand additions you may need for your exhibitions and events.


Check out our portfolio, give us a call on 0843 783 0914 or email to discuss your next show.