Who, What, Where, When and How – Choosing the Right Show

Exhibiting at an industry specific trade show is often an excellent way of launching a new product or service, and offers you the chance to gain sales whilst forging new strategic connections.

According to a recent survey, 84% of exhibition attendees have the ability to influence buying decisions, and more than 50% of visitors make a purchase as a result of attending a show. Those are some pretty alright stats, eh?

However, attending a trade show doesn’t come cheap, and to make it a success – you’ll have to invest a lot of time, money and creativity into doing it right.

So, whether you’re attending your first exhibit, or consider yourself a trade show regular – how do you choose the ideal trade show for your business? After all, it’s all about location, so here are 3 great tips to making your mark, at the right type of show!

Get objective!

In order to book your space at the right event, create a list highlighting key reasons for wanting to exhibit in the first place. Remember: be specific!

How will you boost sales? What is your focus? And why are you attending?

Consider your reasons for attending, and stick to it! For example, a few reasons may include:

  • To launch a new product – Make sure the trade show is industry specific.
  • To learn about recent industry developments – Look for exhibitions that offer lectures, workshops and professional showcases.
  • To interact with your current customers – pick a trade show they are likely to attend, and of course, let them know you are coming!
  • To make new contacts – Opt for a show which encourages brand collaborations, and be sure to hire plenty of staff to actively engage visitors.
  • To test out a new product – Choose an exhibition that is more focused upon exhibiting than education.

Tip: Make sure you indentify all key objectives thoroughly, and order them by priority. This will help you assess the opportunities available.

Expectation vs. Reality

Once your objectives are covered, you can start to compare the expectations from each show in relation to your desired outcomes, and find the best matches!

Conduct research of each show, including facts, figures and everything else that may be of interest from recent years. This may include:

  • Size – How big is the exhibition?
  • Publicity – Where will the trade show be advertised?
  • Industry – What industry will the trade show target?
  • Competition – Who will attend?
  • Respect – How is the trade show rated by previous customers and industry attendees?

By gathering this information, you will be able to score each potential event in relation to your key objectives, determining how they will be achieved.

It’s all About the Budget

When you have decided upon a trade show that you are interested in attending, a question you may need to ask is:

Can we afford this trade show?

From the start, aim to have a clear idea of your budget, and consider only trade show opportunities that you can afford. A key objective of any organised brand is to factor in appropriate costs for each individual exhibition, in relation to all other exhibiting costs.

Other costs may include:

  • Marketing materials – You will need marketing information, written and printed, as well as other materials such as video.
  • Staff – Your staffing budget will include operating costs for planning and management time, as well as staff to attend the event.
  • Travel – The further you are travelling, the higher the cost so be aware of all equipment and staff travel costs for all events.

Once you have factored all potential costs in for each trade show opportunity, you can eliminate all those that would see you going over budget. Once complete, you will be left with an ordered and possible list of affordable trade shows that not only suit your brand, match your target market, and hit your objectives, but are also well within your budget!

Many businesses believe that just attending a trade show is enough, however, in order to reap the possibilities that an industry-focused event can provide – you must conduct thorough research and be realistic in your objectives. If you’re looking for creative, contemporary and innovative exhibition stands – here at Skyline Whitespace, we’ve got you covered! Our team of artistic and forward-thinking creatives design the exhibition stands that get you noticed, whatever the event! So, for more information, or to speak to us – please do not hesitate to contact us!