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B2C vs B2B: Marketing Ideas for Events

The key to a great marketing strategy is understanding the needs of your target audience. When it comes to B2C vs B2B marketing, businesses are aiming to capture the attention...
By Nicola Crichton - 10.07.19
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How to Manage an Event

In this article, our event management experts share their top tips on how you can make your next event the best yet. What Is Corporate Events Management? In the business...
By Nicola Crichton - 31.05.19
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What Is Event Management?

Event management involves applying project management techniques to set-up, plan and execute events such as conferences, festivals and weddings.
By Nicola Crichton - 28.03.19
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Top 5 Field Marketing Tips

Find out top field marketing tips from our industry experts to ensure you get the most out of your field marketing. Read more now!   Top 5 Field Marketing Tips...
By Marta Gorka - 28.05.18
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The Psychology of Engagement

The Psychology of Engagement When it comes to exhibiting at trade shows there are a variety of different marketing tools available which you can use to ensure your exhibition is...
By Marta Gorka - 16.06.17
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Why Exhibitions Really Matter?

With digital convenience and online retail capabilities, many marketers don’t recognise the value of personal interactions in the digital age. But there’s a reason every major city has a convention...
By Marta Gorka - 03.01.17
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Latest Interactive Technology

Ensuring you have a well-designed stand that best showcases your brand and aims to accomplish your business goals is the first big step in ensuring your trade show success. What’s...
By Marta Gorka - 21.10.15
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Two Brands, One Stand

The 7th annual BodyPower Expo took place on 15th-17th May 2015. It’s the most celebrated and comprehensive fitness event in the UK. The show took place at NEC, Birmingham, giving...
By Marta Gorka - 12.06.15
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A Trade Show Checklist: The Must-Haves

Trade shows are a fantastic opportunity for many industries, providing ample reasons for both brand and customer to attend. Although,  often seen as a marketing investment, when it comes to...
By Marta Gorka - 01.04.15
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Making Use of Empty Space

In exhibition stand design, it can sometimes be just as important to make space as it is to fill it. With a limited amount of square footage available, it can be...
By Marta Gorka - 23.03.15
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Three Ways to Engage at Exhibitions

When it comes to an exhibition or trade show, it is vital that you engage with customers as much as possible. Although your exhibition stand design will draw your customers in, it’s...
By Marta Gorka - 13.03.15
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Trade Shows and the Toy Industry: Spotlight

Previously, we have shown you the essential rules to follow when marketing at an exhibition. However, there are an even more finite set of guidelines that need to be followed when marketing...
By Marta Gorka - 02.02.15
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Access All Areas

Exhibition spaces can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Depending on your brand, your purpose and the individual show that you’re attending, you may have a huge range...
By Marta Gorka - 26.01.15
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A Guide to Exhibition Stand Flooring

A Guide to Exhibition Stand Flooring When you’re designing an exhibition space, you have a limited amount of room to get your message across clearly, so you need to make...
By Marta Gorka - 23.01.15
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Make Your Stand Eco-Friendly

The events and exhibition industry has a social responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint. Your consumers know this, and an increasing amount of people are choosing brands they believe are...
By Marta Gorka - 21.01.15
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Exhibiting in the USA

Exhibiting internationally can be complex and stressful. There are many differences between exhibiting in Europe and North America. Most show organisers in America set very specific rules, regulations and requirements....
By Marta Gorka - 08.01.15
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Planning Presentation Space

When you take your business to an exhibition or trade show, you need to make sure that you get your message across to as many of the attendees as possible....
By Marta Gorka - 23.09.14
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The Benefits of a Banner Stand

To promote your business successfully you need an extremely effective, and readily visible sign that will help to ensure that the future of your company will be profitable. Banner stands can give...
By Marta Gorka - 06.09.13
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