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The Care Dome

  • A unique outdoor structure, crafted using recyclable materials
  • Multi-award winning design featured in The Telegraph and The Times
  • Sustainable, durable, weather-resistant and portable
  • Domes feature two entrances for the visitor and the resident, to align with government guidelines
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Our clients include

Enjoy family visits in a safe and memorable way

Blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors, the Care Dome is a truly unique space that allows safe outdoor visits between residents and family members, regardless of the weather conditions.

The domes feature two entrances for the visitor and the resident, to align with government guidelines.

A freestanding structure, it is made using recyclable polycarbonate and can seat up to 6 to 8 people seated around a table or on sofas.

Price: £3799

Price does not include VAT.

Order yours today

Featuring two entrances to align with government guidelines

“We are really happy with the dome (we call it the igloo 😊 ) and we really appreciate your help in getting it ordered and up in such a short space of time”

– Kay Nicholls, Manager at HFT

Embrace the extra space

The Care Dome can be used all-year-round or set up temporarily. It’s rigid enough to be used permanently, yet easy enough to move or take down quickly when needed.

Our friendly team can travel to you and install the entire structure within a day, ready for your residents and visitors to enjoy.


10 m² (107 ft²) of base area, 3.6m (11.8 ft) diameter, 2.3m (7.5 ft) high.

Benefits of our domes


  • Extremely rigid and durable, 200x times stronger than glass, virtually unbreakable.
  • 15+ years expected lifespan.


  • Our Care Dome is made of 100% recyclable polycarbonate

Weather resistant

  • Weather resistant: rain, wind, snow and UV protected. Use it in any climate, any weather, any location.


  • Easy to move (even when assembled) and easy to store.

Low maintenance

  • Easy to clean, requires minimum or no on-going maintenance.
  • Wheel chair friendly with easy to assemble ramp.

Recent Installs


Can it be dismantled, stored and used again? 

Yes! You can derig/dismantle the dome when required, store it in provided boxes and build it again in the future – as many times as you want.

Is the Care Dome equipped with a door?

Yes, 100% clear, rollable, elegant membrane zip-door are provided with the Care Dome. They can be easily secured in open or close position or completely detached if required. It’s possible to lock the zip-door with a padlock.

What maintenance is required?

The Care Dome requires minimum maintenance. To keep it in a good shape clean it regularly with a lukewarm water and cleaning kit provided. We advise to remove larger dirt such as leaves, mud, bird droppings, etc. as quickly as possible.

How is it anchored to the ground/base?

The Care Dome can be secured to the ground with ground pins (provided) or screwed to the decking with screws that are also provided with each kit.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes! The Care Dome is covered with a 2-years warranty against any manufacturing defects. Expected lifespan of the Care Dome is at least 15 years.

Does the Care Dome offer any ventilation openings?

For improved ventilation on hot days, we suggest keeping the entrance membrane door open. To further assist air-circulation we also offer an optional ventilation opening that replaces one of the standard panels. It can be either ordered with the new dome or retrofitted if you already own a Care Dome.

Can I use the Care Dome on a hot, sunny day? 

As with any other type of completely clear/transparent structures, the interior of the Care Dome does heat up on hot, sunny days. We will be soon introducing an optional sun-shade accessory that will protect the dome from summer heat.