Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Launched

The next installment of the multibillion-dollar video game franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was released last night. The new entry redefines how Call of Duty is played and offers the most engaging experience to date.

Hundreds of excited gamers lined up outside the Stratford Westfield GAME store to get their hands on the latest entry and join a new breed of Black Ops soldiers. Die-hard fans queued for days to play the game a day earlier than everyone else. Those at the front of the queue took home a free copy of the new game, an exclusive bonus NUK3TOWN multiplayer map and a limited edition PS4 console.

To mark the launch, we transformed a selection of GAME stores nationwide by installing large format graphics and fabric prints. We also installed a multiplayer tournament area at the Stratford store where gamers could test their abilities and experience the dynamic new gameplay. The tournament booth, hosted by GAME and Activision, was completely isolated from the crowds and included a number of large screens to provide a truly immersive video game experience. Those that didn’t want to wait in the queue, could still visit the store and try out the game before its big release.



Tournaments, live streams and giveaways proved to be a massive success and generated a lot of excitement amongst gamers.

In the Black Ops 3 game, players can enjoy a new, revamped Zombie mode. To celebrate this, actors were hired to portray gory-looking zombies. They delivered an amazing performance and made a lasting impression on all CoD fans.

We worked very closely with GAME to deliver an interactive experience for gamers at the midnight launch. Our dedicated team ensured the store transformation and branding was completed to the highest standard and enhanced the midnight release excitement.


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