Bring Your Brand to Life

How many times have you walked the trade show floor and saw numerous empty exhibition stands with staffers looking bored, uninterested or on their mobile phones?

Trade shows offer hundreds of benefits for you business. They generate new sales, build your brand and really allow you to connect with your potential customers. However, developing an effective exhibition stand, training your staff and travelling to the event isn’t always a cheap process. Exhibitions are often your company’s largest investment. And this is why you need to make sure that your stand delivers positive results. Static stands and displays can sometimes be boring. If you want to attract massive crowds and form lasting business relationships, your exhibition stand not only needs to clearly express your brand, but also engage and stimulate memorable experiences.

Free giveaways, pens and coffee mugs with your logo printed on them are always a nice gesture. They attract attention of many passersby, but unfortunately, they don’t always convey your company’s brand message and often end up in a bottom drawer. And honestly, have you ever decided to do business with a company because of a pen? Engage with visitors on a personal level and your brand will be forever forged in their memories.

Here are some simple ways to create memorable experiences and bring your brand to life:

1. Engaging Social Media

If you decide to include freebies on your stand, make the visitors earn them. Set up some simple rules. For example, goodie bags are only given to people who watch your presentation or tweet about your company. Create unique hashtags to host competitions. And remember that people are more likely to participate if you offer rewards. This could be a discount on your products or services, a gift card or a cool gadget. Most people use their phones at trade shows to update their social profiles, use this opportunity to engage with them. Engage in online conversations and let visitors discover who you are and what your stand has to offer through social interactions. This will significantly increase your number of visitors and leads.


2. Enthusiastic Staff

Trade show booth staff are the ambassadors of your brand. The most important interaction is between your stand visitor and the stand staff, so choosing the right people is crucial. Your staff need to be professional, friendly and ready to help. They need to make a lasting impression and be able to draw attendees in and engage with the public. Lazy staff make a negative first impression, and once that impression is made, it can be very hard to change. If your exhibition staff simply stand back and wait to be approached, you may be losing out on valuable leads. Consider rewarding your staff for good performance. This will help them stay motivated and energetic throughout the day. Train your staff, rehearse product presentations and ways to engage with visitors. Make sure your objectives are clear everyone knows their individual goals. And lastly, consider eliminating staff chairs. An exhibition stand with seated staff doesn’t look inviting. And if you really do need seating for your staff, get high stools that will create eye-level contact.

3. Unforgettable Experiences

A well designed and planned stand will give the visitor a reason to stop. To attract more visitors, make sure there is something or somebody to interact with. Let all the visitors see, feel and hear your products and key messages. Consider screens displaying video & animation, live product demonstrations, exciting augmented reality experiences, informative iPad presentations and fun digital games that tie in with the theme of your stand and create long lasting memories. Interactive on-stand engagement will bring your brand to life and help you build excitement around your products or services. You can also consider hiring a professional entertainer. This needs to be someone that will be able to convey your brand message through presentations or mini shows in a fun and engaging way. Magicians, celebrities, sports personalities and expert speakers can attract big crowds. Just make sure the crowd is then approached by your sales team.

“Create a plan, think big, and follow through!”

Here at Skyline Whitespace, we’re veterans of the trade show and our team have a proven track record of creating exhibition stands that really work. If you need advice on how to engage with customers at your next exhibition, Skyline Whitespace can help. For more information, contact us today.