Bring Them Back For More

Many trade shows and exhibitions take place over more than one day, and you’ll often find that a lot of the people who flooded the hall on day one come back for more on day two. Many of them plan it this way so that they can take it slowly, see half the exhibitors one day and the other half the next, without feeling rushed. As an exhibitor, however, it’s in your best interests to try and persuade them to come back to you.

White hands holding a wooden begging bowl

“Please sir, can I have some more?”


Why? Well, it’s simple – if you’re trying to sell your product or service, the more time you can spend face to face with a potential client, the better. What might feel like an impulse purchase on day one can turn into a considered investment by day two.

The “how” can be a bit more difficult. Not all of your potential clients will be attending on multiple days, so you can’t deliver your information in a way that means they need to come back for more. If a client is only at the show for one day, and they can only get half the details they want from you, they’re likely to simply turn to a competitor who’s more forthcoming.

Instead, you need to create a desire for them to come back; something that’s enticing but not essential. Here are a few ways that you might do this:

Graffiti walls – Ask attendees to add their contribution to an evolving piece of art.

You could ask attendees to sign the wall, to add colour with finger paints (and provide wipes to clean their fingers afterwards!) or to suggest themes for professional artists to draw up, based around your brand or message.

Competitions – Offer a different competition (and different prize) on successive days.

Advertising the fact that there are different prizes on different days encourages visitors to come by to enter the next one; you can even offer a special prize to anyone who enters every day as further incentive.

Evolving displays – An image that is gradually revealed or changed through the efforts of attendees.

This kind of activity can leverage social media, for example by asking attendees to use a unique hashtag on Twitter or Instagram and revealing more of the display according to how many tweets or images you receive, encouraging visitors to come back and see how much the display has evolved.

Interactive games – A simple competitive game with a scoreboard display.

Another way to use people’s natural competitiveness in your favour – if they’ve made the high score list, they’re likely to stop by again to make sure they’re still there!

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