BRICK 2014: The UK’s 1st Official LEGO Exhibition

Get ready to play! An interactive Lego show at London Excel is now open. This event brings everyone’s favourite toy to the capital of England! With activities to entertain LEGO fans of all ages, Brick 2014 offers workshops, games, and talks from professional LEGO builders. Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of LEGO, race in LEGO go karts and drive LEGO trains. Let your imagination run wild and take part in building a massive LEGO mosaic and Minecraft terrain.

The show has sold out of weekend tickets in record time, and extended opening hours on Thursday and Friday to 9PM.

Brick 2014 is a perfect place to get your hands on the latest and coolest LEGO sets out there, from starter kits to advanced construction models. And if you’re after bespoke kits, visit the LEGO Brick Lane market where you can find LEGO inspired collectables. You can also find vintage LEGO sets from 1932, made from wood (yes, WOOD!).

We are very proud to support Warner Brothers with a LEGO video game exhibition stand. We designed and built the stand with LEGO fans in mind. We fitted a number of gaming pods on the stand, and provided beanbags for comfortable gaming sessions on Play Station consoles.

We also had an opportunity to explore the show. With over 1 million LEGO bricks to play with, we couldn’t be more excited to join the fun.

BRICK 2014 features some of the World’s best LEGO displays. Our favourite part of the show is the Fan Zone, where LEGO enthusiasts get an opportunity to showcase their LEGO structures. These breathtaking models range from LEGO cities, landmarks, Star Wars creations, animals and much, much more… Interactive Fan Zone gives you a chance to see some amazing models up close, chat to the builders and maybe even get a couple of Lego building tips.

BRICK 2014 has a lot to offer for both kids and adult fans of LEGO; huge pools filled with colourful bricks, interactive LEGO displays, impressive large scale creations to name a few… Tickets are selling out fast! So if you want to explore the LEGO world at Excel, grab your ticket from the BRICK 2014 website now.

And if you don’t get a chance to attend the show this year, watching the latest LEGO movie at home while building your own structures sounds equally fun!